Pet Owner Support Services

Pet Owner Support Services

Finding Temporary Foster Care 

The need to find temporary care for our loved pets has not diminished and we want to help. Seeking temporary foster care placement through your social networks, friends, family, and neighbors can often provide an immediate solution for pet owners. We encourage pet owners to seek this suggestion first when considering options for temporary care. Posting online on your social networks like Facebook neighborhood groups, the Nextdoor app, and local blog sites can be great places to start when seeking temporary care. A cute photo of your pet, information about their personality, and clear expectations on what is needed can go a long way.  

The Anti-Cruelty Society is happy to provide supplies to friends, neighbors, or family members to use while caring for your pet. 

Here are additional resources to aid you in finding a safe place for pets:  

Safe Place For Pets is a national directory of organizations that can help with temporary foster care for those escaping domestic violence.  

911 Foster Pets is a national temporary foster site for pet owners to seek temporary foster care, or for community members interested in fostering a pet for a neighbor.  

SAFE Emergency Boarding

(Short-term Accommodations for Emergencies)

Whether because of a house fire, natural disaster, medical condition, or domestic violence, people from all walks of life can find themselves temporarily displaced from their home. Learn more about our SAFE program.

Friends Who Care

Through Friends Who Care, we offer services to help seniors provide for their pets. Among them, we coordinate a delivery of monthly provisions for cats, dogs, and other pets. These supplies are shipped directly to your home—based on your own customized list of needs—at no cost to you! Learn more about our Friends Who Care Program.

Pets for Life

Learn more about our Pets for Life Program soon!

Pet Loss Support Group

It is normal to feel grief and mourn the loss of your beloved pet. To most pet owners, the pet is considered a member of the family. There are several stages of grief (denial, anger or guilt, bargaining, depression, and acceptance), but not everyone experiences all of them or in the same order. Learn more about our Pet Loss Support Group here.

Pets and Seniors

Pets can be important companions for us as we enter our golden years. Clinical studies show that having a pet can prevent loneliness, decrease blood pressure, reduce stress and improve overall health and well-being. The Anti-Cruelty Society offers several programs to help support senior citizens and their pets, as well as promote adoption to senior citizens. Learn more about our Pets and Seniors Programs.

Pet Deposit Subsidies

The Anti-Cruelty Society understands the difficulties facing some pet owners who are looking to secure pet-friendly housing. We have developed the Pet Deposit Subsidy Program to help overcome some of the obstacles. Learn more about our Pet Deposit Subsidies here.

Behavior Helpline

This free service is available to all pet owners that are experiencing behavior problems with their cats and dogs. Our behavior specialists are available to answer questions and provide solutions on everything from separation distress to aggression. Learn more about our Behavior Helpline here.

Tucker Pups Dog Training

Training is provided by Tucker Pup's dog trainers and hosted at The Anti-Cruelty Society's Training Center at 157 W. Grand Ave. Free parking is available on Wells Street, just south of Grand Avenue in the Society's parking garage. Learn more about Tucker Pups Dog Training here.

Emergency Preparedness

Keeping your pet safe is important but sometimes there is an emergency and you need to be prepared. The more prepared you are, the better it will be if an emergency comes up. Check out our emergency preparedness tips.  Learn more about Emergency Preparedness here.

Home to Home Shelter Bypass Service

The Anti-Cruelty Society developed the Home-to-Home Shelter Bypass Service to assist people who are looking to keep their pets out of the shelter system by re-homing them privately. Through this free service, The Anti-Cruelty Society creates a courtesy listing for these adoptable animals to include on our website and social media profiles. Learn more about our Home to Home Shelter Bypass Service here.