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Ghost was brought into The Anti-Cruelty Society with a terrible injury. He had been shot in the leg. His owner had taken him to a local veterinarian, but the wound got infected and the leg couldn't be saved. His owner could not afford the expensive surgery to have his leg amputated, so he came to the Society to be cared for.

It was a long road to recovery for this sweet boy. But this is why we're so honored to be an open admission shelter. We care for hurt and abused pets like Ghost and help them find the second chances they deserve. Your donation helps us care for pets like Ghost. 

We recently received an update from his new family. They informed us that "Ghost likes playing hide and seek and giving cuddles. He is loving his new home!" 

Your support helps us continue to care for animals in need. Thank you for donating to The Anti-Cruelty Society.

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