Foster Candidates

Foster Candidates

Thank you for visiting our foster candidates page! Below is a current list of pets who need rehabilitation through our foster care program.

If you are a licensed Society foster volunteer, and you’re interested in taking in one of these pets, please email us at
If you are not a current member of the foster team, but you would like to get involved, please visit our Foster Program page for additional details on how you can help.

Foster Candidates Awaiting Placement

Updated: 5/15/19 at 11:00 a.m.






Miss Kitty and Four Babies

Age: Mom-1 year, babies-1 month 15 days

Reason for foster: Maternal support

Length of stay: 3-4 weeks

Intake date: 5/8

Mom and babies were a Field Service pick up. Their surrenderer had too many animals. They are friendly but still a bit under-socialized. They need to go to a home where they can get lots of handling and experience positive human interactions. Please start them in a small space so they don’t run and hide!


Dudley and Dorcus

Age: 5 weeks

Reason for foster: Socialization and puppy care

Length of stay: 4 weeks

At only about 5 lbs each, these are the cutest little puppies you will ever meet! They came off of a transport and are to tiny and sweet to be staying here in a kennel. Please considering fostering this brother-sister duo!



Age: 1 year and 9 months

Reason for foster: Alleviate in kennel stress

Length of stay: Adoption Ambassador

Intake date: 12/6/17,  5/12/18 and 2/9/19

Artie has been in an out of shelters his entire life. Originally a rescue transfer from Alabama, then adopted and returned because his adopter didn’t have enough time for him. Then he was adopted again and returned because his owner couldn’t give him the exercise he needed.

Here at the shelter Artie can be a bit barrier aggressive. He was moved to a holding room from the adoption floor because he was so reactive towards his neighbors. Since he has been moved to a quieter room he has been doing much better in kennel and in the courtyard.

Artie was bit by another dog in his last home due to this bad experience as well as his reactivity he should be the only dog in the household. He is silly, energetic and he would love to be in a home with a yard! Artie would not thrive in a high rise building.


Orange and Pineapple

Age: 2 months

Reason for foster: weight gain

Length of stay: 4 weeks

Intake date: 4/24

This pair came off of a transport from AL. They are a little thin for surgery so will need a little time to grow. They also want plenty of love and socialization!



Age: 1 year

Reason for foster: medical

Length of stay: 5-6 weeks

Intake date: 4/28

Piper was brought in as a field service pick up. She was not getting the proper care and her health reflects that.  Her lower eyelid  is swollen with small tear, her vision is normal but she is being treated with eye meds. She has some alopecia on chest and forelimbs but her scrape was negative. Regardless, she is being treated for demodex. Both ears thickened due to infection, she is on an ear medication as well. She will likely will require regular ear cleanings for life and will be prone to future ear infections due to thickened pinnae. One of the dogs she was surrendered with was positive fecal for whips and hooks, so she is getting treated for that as well. This poor girl really needs some help and to be shown what it is like to get a little compassion.


Colby and Clair

Age: 2 months

Reason for foster: weigh gain

Length of stay: 4 weeks

Intake date: 4/24

This pair came off of a transport from AL. They are a little thin for surgery so will need a little time to grow. They also want plenty of love and socialization!



Age: 10 years

Reason for foster: Stay extension/SAFE Program

Length of stay: 4 weeks

Nadine is an easy old gal and just needs a nice, low-stress place to hang out while her owner completes medical rehabilitation as more time is needed. Support shelter diversion and help us help Nadine keep her home by opening up yours for a bit!



Age: 6 months
Reason for foster: Socialization/weight gain
Length of stay: 4 weeks
Intake date: 5/12
Queenie is so nervous here at the shelter, she came in as an owner surrender with a few other dogs. She is emaciated and flinches when you reach out to touch her. We would like her to go into a quiet foster home where she can work on her confidence. We would also like to have her foster in communication with our behavior team to help her get off on the right foot. Let us know if you would like to help Queenie build some much needed confidence!



Age: 5 months

Reason for foster: Kennel cough recovery

Length of stay: 2-4 weeks

Cash came in from a transport on 5/1. Cash has the sniffles! We wont be able to get him neutered until he feels better so we would like to send him out to foster while he recovers. He is on a 2X daily antibiotic.