Media Inquiries

Anti-Cruelty is committed to telling stories about the animals in our care, from those who have been adopted or those who have been rescued by our field investigators. Our Media Center provides access to information for the media looking for information about animal welfare or for a feel great story about an animal who has been adopted for a second chance at a happy life. 

For media inquiries, please contact Rachel Klousnitzer, Director of Marketing and Communications.

To receive press releases and other information distributed by The Anti-Cruelty Society’s public relations team, please provide the following information. We will add you to the appropriate list most relevant to your interests. 
The Anti-Cruelty Society has an extensive library of photos for media use. Request high-resolution images using the form below. A member of the public relations team will respond to your request as soon as possible. Please include deadline information in the comments. 
On-site Media Requests

All members of the media covering a story related to The Anti-Cruelty Society must contact the Society’s public relations department to request interviews or filming access. The Society’s PR team will accommodate members of the press with story development or assignment support including interview scheduling, filming access, and parking when appropriate. 

Please fill out the following form and a member of our PR team will be in touch as soon as possible. Please contact Bridget Bittman at or 312-735-0300.
Please note the Society has a free parking garage located on N. Wells St. just south of Grand Ave. 

Fact Sheets

Founded in 1899, Anti-Cruelty is Chicago’s oldest and largest, private, open-admission, unlimited stay humane organization. With a mission of building a community of caring by helping pets and educating people, our comprehensive programs and services help over 50,000 animals and humans every year including: adoption, charity veterinary clinic, low or no-cost spay/neuter clinic, cruelty investigations and rescue, humane education and community outreach, a free behavior helpline, dog training classes, S.A.F.E. (short-term accommodations for emergencies), the Bruckner Rehabilitation & Treatment Center, the Virginia Butts Berger Cat Clinic, and the Dog Rehabilitation Center. 

Anti-Cruelty committed to helping people and their pets by providing an open door to compassion.  

Anti-Cruelty's humane investigators conducted 600 investigations of suspected abuse and neglect in 2018. They responded to over 1,900 ambulance calls and rescued over 900 cats and dogs from abusive situations. As one of the few non-governmental animal welfare organizations in Illinois to offer this important service, Anti-Cruelty's humane investigators help animals in need all over the Chicagoland area. 

When educating owners about proper pet care is not enough, the humane investigation team will talk to the owners about alternative homing for the pet, and in extremely dangerous situations, involve local police. 

Pet adoption is an important service offered by Anti-Cruelty, finding 5,700 animals new homes in 2018. As an open admission shelter, Anti-Cruelty has an open door for any animal in need. Providing compassion and love to every animal in our care, Anti-Cruelty aims to find forever homes for every adoptable animal that comes through our doors. 

Anti-Cruelty has an adoption center located at 510 N. LaSalle St. as well as eight satellite locations in PetSmart stores around Chicago.

Caring for over 16,700 animals every year, Anti-Cruelty is staffed by animal experts from animal caregivers to behavior specialists, to veterinarians. We have resources for new adopters such as our free behavior helpline open to anyone with a pet-related behavior question and a pet care library full of articles with tips for cats, dogs, and small animals. 

Anti-Cruelty helps pets and their people through programming designed to educate and care for animals.

Anti-Cruelty's extensive programming aligns with our mission of helping pets and educating people and includes pet adoption, a low-cost spay/neuter clinic, education programs for children, teens, and adults, abuse and neglect investigations for pets, and fostering and volunteering. 

Unique programming from Anti-Cruelty comes in the form of our education opportunities for school groups, children, teens, and adults. Anti-Cruelty offers programs on animal welfare and pet care to schools across Chicagoland. Children can learn the importance of basic pet care and compassion through our Kids Who Care program. Teens can help animals find forever homes by providing hands-on support through our Teens Who Care program or learn about animal welfare issues in our After School Advocates program. Adults can give back by attending our group volunteer program called Crafting Crews where they can create toys and bedding for pets in need as well as learning about animal welfare and caring for pets. People of all ages are invited in to read to animals awaiting their forever homes through the Reading Buddies program. These programs and more reach over 25,000 people each year.