Mission, Vision, Values

The Anti-Cruelty Society is an open door to compassion. 

The Anti-Cruelty Society’s mission is building a healthy and happy community where pets and people thrive together.  Our vision is to build a humane Chicago for pets and people.

We believe that companion animals provide people with joy. The offer recognized health benefits, and unconditional love.  It is our goal to find a home for every adoptable companion animal in need. 

The Society offers a variety of programs and services to build a community of caring including the following: Cat and dog adoptions, spay/neuter clinic, humane education, cruelty investigation and rescue, free behavior helpline, three rehabilitation and treatment centers, pet loss and grief group sessions, pet visitation program, a foster program, pet first aid and CPR classes, and other pet-related workshops. Working together with other organizations and the public raises awareness about the needs of animals and how we can work together to promote responsible pet ownership and help prevent cruelty, abuse, and neglect.

The Anti-Cruelty Society shall:

  • Provide compassionate care for any animal in need
  • Attempt to find a home for every healthy or rehabilitatable dog and cat that comes to us
  • Intervene to prevent cruelty to animals
  • Partner with the community to educate on animal issues and inspire compassion and respect
  • Provide low or no cost spaying or neutering

At The Anti-Cruelty Society we believe:

  • In an open door policy—we will not turn away any animal in need
  • There are no time limits placed on any animal in our care
  • That no healthy or rehabilitatable pet should be euthanized
  • The key to pet overpopulation is sterilization
  • That education can prevent cruelty, abuse and neglect and promote responsible pet ownership
  • If an animal’s quality of life is severely compromised, euthanasia is the humane alternative
We will lead in utilizing the human-animal bond to build a more humane Chicago, happy families, and healthy communities by providing Best Care to animals in our facilities and in our community. We will relentlessly improve the quality and impact of our core mission services and programs while expanding support services through an adaptive, relationship-based service delivery model. We will remain an open door, open the door wider, and find new doors to open to bring happiness to pets and their people.

Guiding Principles


Animals deserve the best care. Animals should be treated humanely, compassionately, and with unconditional support. They deserve the full circle of care and a life worth living.   


We welcome all. We are an open door to any animal in need as well as to all people. This is our legacy, and we continue to respect and preserve this in everything we do. Care for animals in the community transcends socio-economic boundaries and we believe all animals and their families deserve just and equitable access to treatment. 


We celebrate and nurture the connection between pets and people. We commit to cultivating and nurturing the power of the human-animal bond that helps animals and transforms people. Animals are an essential part of families and communities and bring comfort, companionship, and joy.




We will provide the best community and animal care through by embracing these values:

We embrace respect, fairness and dignity for everyone, in everything we do. We are a diverse organization committed to inclusion and equity. Since our founding, we work daily to build an equitable and just organization, which is integral to our success.

We are an open door committed to providing any animal in need with access to the care they require.
We are committed to reach beyond our shelter walls to establish a community of caring with an open heart to all communities.

We hold ourselves to the highest professional standards through transparency, accountability and stewardship.
We get things done, honor our commitments and support each other with empathy and honesty.

We bring hope to pets and people in need.
Through leadership and innovation, we strive to be the best we can be to support animals and their humans.