Volunteer Resources

Resources for Volunteers

As an Anti-Cruelty volunteer you are in a unique position to make a real difference in both the life of a pet and the family who will one day bring them home.

We want your volunteer experience to be a rewarding one and have created a number of resources to help you plan your volunteer time, connect with other volunteers and develop your knowledge of animal welfare.

  • Volunteer Orientation: Refresh your memory by watching our Virtual Volunteer Orientation.
  • Volunteer Handbook: Read our Volunteer Handbook for detailed information about volunteer programs, policies, and additional information about Anti-Cruelty.
  • Cross-Training Opportunities: learn more about these in the weekly Community Programs Newsletter, as well as in the Volunteer Handbook.

We use a volunteer tracking system called Better Impact. For help on how to navigate your profile, schedule shifts and log hours, click here.

To access the Better Impact portal, click here.

For questions about the scheduling and logging system, contact the Volunteer Department at volunteer@anticruelty.org

Facebook is a great way to connect with a community and we have set up a private page just for our volunteers. This is the place to ask questions of other volunteers as well as learn about volunteer opportunities. If you are a Facebook user, join our private Anti-Cruelty volunteer group here!

Anti-Cruelty provides supplemental video trainings that will not only improve a volunteer’s skills within their program – they will also develop knowledge beyond shelter use. Click on the following topics to be re-routed to trainings posted on our YouTube channel.

Training Videos: 

History of Anti-Cruelty
Body Language & Behavior – Cats
Body Language & Behavior – Dogs

Dog Program Videos:

Dog Enrichment
DIY Leash Harness Tutorial
Properly Leashing a Large Dog
Leashing a Small Nervous Dog
Harnessing a Dog
Leashing a Rambunctious Dog

Cat Program Videos:

Cat Enrichment

Additional Videos:

Adoption Follow-Up Training
Zoonotic Diseases
Safety Training

If you are looking to hone your animal handling skills, learn about animal medicine, or delve into behavior, consider cross-training! Volunteers can cross-train into as many programs as they like. The only requirement is that they successfully log 25 hours in each program before moving onto the next program. To schedule your cross-training session contact the Volunteer Department.

We are always looking for additional volunteer Trainers! If you know your program inside and out, have successfully completed at least 25 hours, and can commit to at least two training sessions a month – contact the Volunteer Department to move into this prestigious volunteer role.

The following is a list of recommended readings:

  • Think Like a Cat by Pam Johnson-Bennett
  • The Cat Whisperer by Mieshelle Nagelschneider
  • Love Has No Age Limit – Welcoming an Adopted Dog Into Your Home by Patricia McConnell and Karen London
  • Before You Get Your Puppy and After You Get Your Puppy by Ian Dunbar (These are must reads for new puppy owners and both can be downloaded FOR FREE at dogstardaily.com)
  • How to Behave So Your Dog Behaves by Sophia Yin (This book teaches basic manners and solving common behavior problems)
  • Living with Kids and Dogs – Without Losing Your Mind by Colleen Pelar