Report Abuse

Be Their Voice

Our Field Services department investigates claims of suspected animal abuse or negligent treatment all around Chicago. We are committed to ensuring that owners are aware of, and in full compliance with their legal obligations for the animals in their care (found in the Illinois Humane Care for Animals Act). In addition, we are committed to providing information, education and resources to those owners, in order to raise the standards of care for these animals, to a significantly higher level than those legal minimums.

According to Illinois law (510 ILCS 70/3) each owner must provide the following for their animals: 

  • Sufficient quantity of good quality, wholesome food and water
  • Adequate shelter and protection from the weather
  • Veterinary care when needed to prevent suffering
  • Humane care and treatment

If you see signs an animal is being neglected or abused, or observe unusual or suspicious behavior involving an animal, contact our state approved investigators at 312-645-8090 or email

  • A tight collar that has caused a wound
  • No signs of food, water, or food and water that is unsanitary
  • An extremely thin animal
  • An animal that is weak, limping or cannot stand or walk normally
  • An owner striking or otherwise physically abusing an animal
  • Pets that are tied up outside for long periods of time (Illinois has tethering restrictions)
  • Pets that are kept outside without access to adequate shelter, including shade in the summer
  • Pets that are kept in an area littered with feces, garbage, broken glass, or other objects that could harm them
  • Animals that are housed in kennels or cages (very often crowded with other animals) that are too small to allow them to stand, turn around, and make normal movements

If you see any of the above signs or observe unusual or suspicious behavior involving an animal, contact our state approved investigators at 312-645-8090 or email

We will respond to your message as timely as possible, and after talking with you, we will decide on the best course of action for moving forward with the investigation. Requests for anonymity will be respected to the best of our abilities. When leaving a message, please be sure to leave your name, contact info (including a phone number and email address), the best time(s) for the dispatcher to contact you, and a brief, but detailed, description of the situation that you are calling about.

  • A large number of pit bull-type dogs being kept in one location, especially multiple dogs who are chained and seem unsocialized
  • Dogs with multiple scars on their faces and legs
  • A dog wearing an extremely large and heavy chain collar that may have a weight or padlock attached
  • Dogs tethered by extremely large chains
  • Dogfighting training equipment such as treadmills, tires, or “springpoles” (usually a large spring with rope attached to either end) hanging from tree limbs
  • Unusual foot traffic coming and going from a location at odd hours
  • If you believe you observe a dog or dogs being used for dogfighting, or a dog fight in progress, call 911 or your local police department to report.