Report Abuse

Field Service Helpline

Our Field Services department investigates claims of suspected animal abuse or negligent treatment all around Chicago. We are committed to ensuring that owners are aware of, and in full compliance with their legal obligations for the animals in their care (found in the Illinois Humane Care for Animals Act). In addition, we are committed to providing information, education and resources to those owners, in order to raise the standards of care for these animals, to a significantly higher level than those legal minimums.  

Please read on as your question or concern may be addressed below:  

 Calling to report a stray animal?  

  • Per the municipal code of Chicago, all stray animals within the Chicago city limits should go to Chicago Animal Care and Control  
  • Please call 312-747-1406 regarding any stray or abandoned dog found within a Chicago zip code  
  • If a stray cat appears healthy, please see the Chicago Animal Care and Control Outdoor Cat Flyer for more information on best next steps. If a stray cat appears injured please call 312-747-1406.  

Calling to report wildlife?  

Please contact the Illinois Department of Natural Resources at 217-782-6302 or Cook County Animal Services at 708-974-6140.

Calling to report another rescue or licensed business?  

Please contact the Illinois Department of Agriculture at 217-782-4944 or fill out an Animal Health & Welfare Complaint Form.

Calling to report a deceased animal?  

Please make your report to 311.

Calling to inquire after our Clinic Services?  

Please reach out to our Low Cost Spay/Neuter Clinic at 312-645-8051 or 8052.

Are you witnessing physical abuse in action?   

If you are observing a crime, please call 911 to make your report. 

If you see signs an animal is being neglected or abused, or observe unusual or suspicious behavior involving an animal, contact our state approved investigators at 312-645-8090 or fill out our web submission form.