Pet-Friendly Housing

According to the American Pet Products Association 68% of households – that’s 1.8 million Chicagoans – own a pet. But there is a crisis facing those who are not able to secure pet-friendly housing. As a result, thousands of Chicago residents are forced to give up their animal companions each year. Anti-Cruelty is working to change that.

Through providing resources for both tenants and landlords, our goal is to open more doors to Chicago pets so less of them have to come through ours.


Pet Deposit Subsidy

Often times financial barriers present themselves when families attempt to move with their pets. Our Pet Deposit Subsidy funding is meant to ensure that a pet fee is not the deciding factor in whether a pet stays with their family. If a family calls needing to surrender their pet due to a pet-deposit related financial constraint, we will work with that family and their landlord to assist.


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