Year End Matching Challenge

Don't miss your chance to help save pets, like Annie


Annie was found under a bridge in Chicago’s Humboldt Park neighborhood the week before Thanksgiving. She was emaciated, her battered body had multiple puncture wounds, and her tail was so badly damaged that the bone was visible. When she arrived timid and frightened at The Anti-Cruelty Society, our veterinary team discovered that Annie’s wounds were similar to those seen in dog fighting. Our team rallied to care for this fragile pup by stitching her wounds, amputating most of her tail, providing a healthy diet, and showering her with lots of loving attention. Despite all that Annie has endured in her short two years of life, she has charmed our staff with her sweet nature and plenty of gentle kisses. She is currently living with a foster where she is being engulfed with love and affection until she is physically and emotionally ready to find her forever home. 


Your support helps us care for animals like Annie who need a second chance at life. Thank you for donating to The Anti-Cruelty Society.

Your generosity may also help you save on 2020 taxes! A provision in the CARES act allows individual taxpayers (who do not itemize) to deduct a charitable donation up to $300. The deduction lowers both adjusted gross income and taxable income which translates into tax savings if you make a gift to The Anti-Cruelty Society before midnight, December 31, 2020. Please contact your professional tax advisor for additional information