Foster Candidates

Thank you for visiting our foster candidates page! Below is a current list of pets who need rehabilitation through our foster care program.

If you are a licensed Society foster volunteer, and you’re interested in taking in one of these pets, please email us at If you are not a current member of the foster team, but you would like to get involved, please visit our Foster Program webpage for additional details on how you can help.


Last updated 8/18/2017 10:30 a.m

Bathsheba & Solomon

(born in care!) Now 1 mo 26 d old.

Listed: 8/18/17

Age: 2yr 2mo (mom) 1m 26d (kit)

Intake source: Found Stray

Estimated foster stay: 4 Weeks

Maternal support for Bathsheba and medication for kitten. Oral antibiotics (easy!) and eye ointment (easy too!) needed once per day. Mom has been a real trooper while in our care but needs support to get little Solomon out of the house.

Rosa Mae, Vespar, Floradora, Gimlet and Gibson

Listed: 8/17/17

Age: 2 months

Intake source: Stray

Estimated foster stay: 3 weeks

We have Upper Respiratory Infections, please help us recover in your home!


Listed: 8/10/17

Age: 2 years

Intake source: Stray

Estimated foster stay: 4 weeks

Poor Wight came in as a stray with a badly infected eye. It was causing her so much distress our veterinarians had no choice but to remove it. She is healthy enough for adoption now but is still not very trusting of humans, so will not fare well on the adoption floor. Please consider fostering Wight to help her get out of her shell and ready for her forever home!



Listed: 8/8/17

Age: 4 years

Intake source: Owner/Guardian Surrender-landlord issues

Estimated foster stay: Adoption Ambassador (Click here for more information)

Precious is a nice and gentle girl, however, she can be a little skittish around new situations and people, and sometimes hides until she is more comfortable. She is very unsettled here at the shelter and continues to bolt out of her kennel to find a hiding spot.  We know that Precious has the potential to be a wonderful companion, she just needs time to get comfortable. Let us know if you would like to give this gorgeous grey girl a chance in your home!



Crush (at intake)                          Crush (after treatment)


Listed: 8/3/17

Age: 6m

Intake source: Owner/Guardian Surrender

Estimated foster stay: 3 weeks

What a difference treatment makes! Crush had entered our shelter FIV(+) as well as positive for ringworm infection. Crush has since overcome this Ringworm infection and is doing much better. Just 3.75 lbs at 6 months of age is tiny-so foster needed to bolster weight as well as administer medication therapy (eye ointment). FIV is for life-so foster should not have any cats in the household which could possibly be infected should there be any blood to blood transmission.

Are you a cat free foster home? Than you can help Crush recover the rest of the way on his way into the adoption room!


Listed: 7/29/17

Age: 3y 27d

Intake source: Transfer in from another shelter

Estimated foster stay: 3 months

Faith has completed the very sensitive first three months of treatment for this horrible disease. she now has to endure the tail end of treatment and recover in a home environment now that she is stable enough to do so safely. Particular treatment for this disease at this stage is low arousal and non aerobic activity (meaning no fetch, tug, running-or any other form of high activity). Otherwise treat Faith as you would any dog. Care however needs to be exhibited by foster caregiver-so avoid situations like the passing of other dogs on the street (cross the street when walking to keep arousal low) and be wary of obvious arousal triggers like: squirrels or other wildlife which you may encounter of your path.

With your care and attention to the aforementioned you can greatly increase Faiths`s chance at successful recovery whilst helping to keep her temperament intact.



Stannis (thanks Dina!)

Chiripina & Serafina (Thanks, Kailey!)

Buster Brown & Gizmo (Thanks, Wendy!)

Mubarik  (Thank, Melissa!)

Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, Buckinghamshire & Cambridgeshire (Thank you, Ruth!)

Reno (thanks Caitlin-NEW FOSTER!)

Stegosaur (thanks Rachel-NEW FOSTER!)

Canoe, Dinghy, Flotsam & Boat (thanks Melanie!)

Harriet & Ida (thanks Liz!)

Miss International, Miss America & Miss congeniality (thanks Monica!)

Lulu (thanks Carli!)

Figgy (thanks Jillian!)

Kimberly, Kirk, Katherine & Krystal (thanks Tomoko! NEW FOSTER)

Struggles & Surmountia (thanks Janelle!)

Leeloo, Hewa, Maji & Kiwanja (Thanks Jasper-NEW FOSTER)

Sir Dudley, Miss Mary & Saint Michael (Thanks, Cheryl!)

Najda – Thank you Melissa!

Spanky (Thanks Monica!)

Listed: 7/15/17

Age: 2mo 9d

Foster reason: Age/weight gain

Estimated stay: 3 weeks

Intake source: Owner guardian surrender

Ideal for a first time foster little Spanky just needs time out to eat, eat, eat & Plaaay! Target weight attainment is 2lbs.


Listed: 7/11/17

Age: 4 months

Foster reason: Upper Respiratory Infection

Estimated stay:3-4 Weeks

Intake source: Stray

Poor Little Kitty has come down with a URI and would love to recover in a caring foster home. She is on antibiotic to help combat the infection. Little Kitty has a scar on her right front paw, don’t be alarmed our vets say it is healing up just fine.

PEGGY & AARON (Thanks, Melanie!!!)

Listed: 7/11/17

Age: 2 months 16 days old

Foster reason: Socialization

Estimated stay:2- 3 Weeks

Intake source: Stray


Peggy and Aaron are of age and weight to be adopted out but need a little help coming out of their shells. As strays, they have had very little human interaction thus far and need some TLC from one of our spectacular foster parents to show them how nice it can be to be a loved house cat! We recommend hand feeding in cases like these. Please let us know if you would be interested in helping these two and we can give you some guidance on how to hand feed under-socialized kitties.



LLALLY (Pronounced yay-i) (thank you Holly!)

2 years old / 8.1 pounds

Listed 7/5/17

Foster Reason: URI recovery and Socialization

Estimated Length of Stay: 3-4 weeks

Intake Source: Owner Surrender/Landlord issues

First I was a stray, then my owners moved to Mexico so I went to a new home, THEN their landlord kicked me out. Then I was at The Anti-Cruelty Society, then EAC, but I got sick and now I am back at The Society up in kitty rehab! Will I ever catch a break?!

Shiloh (thanks Debbie-NEW FOSTER)

Beagle/Harrierx (M) / 44lbs.

Listed: 7/1/17

Foster reason: Heartworm (+)

Estimated stay: 3 Months

Intake Source: Transfer from another shelter

Low activity is a must when caring for a Heartworm (+) doggy. High arousal/aerobic activity is a big no-no throughout recovery, otherwise treat him as you would a healthy dog. With time Shiloh should make for a great companion and fulfill his rightful niche as a new member of someones family.

 FLIK (Pending Pick-Up. Thank you, Lousie!!)

7 weeks old female kitten / 1.5 pounds

Listed 6/26/17

Foster Reason: Underweight & Sick

Estimated Length of Stay: 5 weeks

Intake Source: Brought in on 5/26/17 – too many pets









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