Foster Candidates

Thank you for visiting our foster candidates page! Below is a current list of pets who need rehabilitation through our foster care program.

If you are a licensed Society foster volunteer, and you’re interested in taking in one of these pets, please email us at If you are not a current member of the foster team, but you would like to get involved, please visit our Foster Program webpage for additional details on how you can help.

 Last updated 04/25/2017 10:05 a.m.

Daisy-Listed 4/17/2017

6 mo Chihuahua x puppy / transfer in from another shelter / Kennel Cough (mild symptoms) on medication / 2-3 week foster stay.

Soo cute and soo sweet Daisy is a forward and engaging Chihuahua puppy. Wonderful wiggly & front of the cage behavior! Come in and spring Daisy from the treatment ward so as to allow her the best chance at recovery.

Sinchi-Listed 4/13/17

 1 yr female / found stray too thin / foster needed to elicit eating response and help Sinchi gain weight

Keep Sinchi on a dry food diet if you can to help keep her.. (ahem) stools firm. Wet food only if she becomes depressed or too shy to eat.



Eres-Listed 4/25/17

5 Months/Stray found in a school playground/ Thin, URI; foster for conditioning, and convalescence.

She is currently being housed in our rehab facilities to be monitored and treated for her upper respiratory infection.



Peanut & Co – Listed 4/11/17 

PeanutChontali Maraba Monimbo Napoli






1 year old nursing mama cat & five 3 week old kittens /Peanut is a 1 year old mama kitty who has five sweet little 3 week old kittens in her litter: Napoli, Monimbo, Toba, Maraba, Chontalli. To ensure that the kittens have the very best chance at survival we’re hoping to get them out of the shelter and into foster as soon as possible. If you’ve never fostered a litter + mom before know that it’s an incredibly rewarding experience with the bonus that mama cat does most of the work for you (nursing, stimulating and cleaning up after the babes). Providing this group with a quiet safe space in which to grow is the ultimate goal.


Anna Banana – Listed 4/5/17

3 year old female intact Bully Mix / 46 pounds / Surrendered due to landlord issues on 3/9/17

Medical foster / Kennel Cough / On Medication / 4 week foster period

Anna Bananas is a fun, friendly gal. She’s active and strong; fosters will need to be physically capable, and she’ll need plenty of aerobic exercise. She could use a bit of brushing up on basic manners, and will need consistent structure and boundaries in the home. Playful and sweet, Anna Banana is on oral antibiotics to prevent secondary infections while she recovers from kennel cough, so her foster will need to feel comfortable administering meds. Nothing a good chunk of cheese or bit of hot dog can’t help! Please consider this block-headed beauty as your foster dog.


Eggo & Pups – Listed 4/4/17

eggo eggo2     

2 year old Shepherd Mix / 40 pounds / Transferred in from out-of-state on 4/4/17

Foster needed for nursing babies / Four 3 week old puppies / High risk due to age / 3 week foster period

Eggo is very sweet and loves to give kisses. She walks very politely on the leash and prefers snuggling over play. She seems like a great mom, the puppies are chubby and adorable! We’d love to get this group into a home so they don’t pick-up germs and get sick while awaiting spay/neuter surgery.


We`ve went home! (well at least for the time being) Thank you Foster Care Volunteers!!!

Rascal – Listed 4/5/17 (Thanks Lisa!!!)

Rascal6 year old intact male Boxer / 66 pounds / Surrendered on 3/19/17 due to out-of-country move

Medical foster / Kennel cough / On medication / 4 week foster period

Meet Rascal – a dog who’s name is far from the truth! This sweet senior Boxer was surrendered to the Society when his original owner moved to Puerto Rico, and his new owner realized he was not in a position to own a dog at this time. His surrendering family noted “Rascal lived with 3 & 5 year old children and miniature poodle. He said Rascal loved playing and spending time with children and dog. Elisa owns a cat and said Rascal wags his tail and tries to interact with cat in friendly manner.” Though we have this encouraging background info we would still encourage fosters to do a managed intro between any resident pets and any children in the home. Rascal is on antibiotics to prevent secondary infections while he awaits recovery from kennel cough. Consider bringing this hunk home for foster!


Killian-Listed 4/13/2017 (pending pick-up Thanks Yulia!)

3 yr male / Surrendered due to moving to no pet apartment / Needs special diet (history of urinary crystals

Super cute and loves his chair, Killian needs to be fed a special diet (C/D) and litter pan monitoring (due to history) 2-3 month stay.

Juana Molina, Mala Rodriguez, Shakira-Listed 4/13/2017 (thanks Kelsey!)

1 Month old kittens trio / Offspring from pet / needs to gain weight

1 month foster stay (Juana Molina and Shakira not pictured)


Hilary and Co- (Picked up 4/15. Thank you, Louise!!!)

2 year old mama cat & five kittens less than a week old/ Found in a garage and brought in as strays.

Foster needed for nursing, age & weight / 6-8 week foster period

This is Hilary and her 5 babies Hayden, Hadley, Harper, Happy and Harley. They are new borns, their eyes haven’t even opened yet! They  are very helpless and fragile and will not flourish in a shelter environment. Mama Hilary is very sweet and will take all of the pets and attention she can get. Please consider taking in this lovely family.

5 Extreme newborns 6 days old
  (no photos of the other four) 
+ awesome mommy cat (healthy weight) accepted surrogate kittens close to the same age



Tiger – Listed 4/5/17 (Thanks Brette!)

Tiger10 year old male intact Shepherd Mix / 56 pounds / Picked up by our Humane Investigators on 3/26/2016

Medical foster / Kennel cough / On medication / 5 week foster period

Meet Tiger, a sweet senior Shepherd Mix who was recently surrendered when his owners divorced and neither could keep him. This older guy misses his home and family and would do best in foster while he recovers from kennel cough. He is currently on medication to prevent the formation of a secondary infection. He has moderate dental tartar and his ears are prone to yeast infections, two things that often come with the glamours of aging.

Andrea Echeverri, Juanes, and Julieta Vanegas – (thank you Melanie)

fosters7 weeks old /Surrendered on 3/29/17 as unwanted offspring of pet

Foster needed for age & weight / Small, skinny and fragile / 3-4 week foster stay

3 sweet kittens that came in to us on 3/29/2017. They are under weight for their age. Please consider giving some much needed TLC to this trio.




Cubby -Listed 4/6/2017 – (Thank you Rosemary!)
3 year old cat / Transferred from other shelter 3/20/17 / Needs a shelter break-needs to gain muscle mass in rear legs & oral liquid medication / 3-4 week foster stay

Gastrointestinal treatment successful! Rear leg conditioning (allow to roam and use legs) needed. Do you have some space to help Cubby surmount his last stage of treatment?


The Tea Bunch (thanks Janelle & Melanie!)

Earl GrayChamomileMaatchaDarljeelingrooibusOolong

Six 4 week old kittens / Surrendered on 4/7/17 due to the owner             having “too many animals” Meet six of the sweetest kittens to hit the foster page this week: Rooibus, Chamomile, Matcha, Darjeeling, Earl Gray, Oolong. This batch of kitties came in without their mama at the tender age of 1 month and desperately need foster care. Since it’s such a big group we can split them into a pair and trio. Several of the kittens have an eye infection and are on meds. Please consider bringing this sweet bunch home! Note that there is a mama cat with them but that she is ineligible for foster.

Jael – Listed 4/5/17 (Thank you Naoille-NEW FOSTER!)


6 month old neutered male Shepherd Mix / 16 pounds / Transferred from Oklahoma to us on 3/17/2017 Jael is a sweet pup who has been bounced around since his birth. Entering a shelter in rural Oklahoma, he was pulled by a rescue team and brought up to the big city of Chicago to get a better chance at life. Since arriving to the Society he was then moved out to our Lambs Farm adoption center, became sick, and is now back at our main facility. No pup should have to spend their days developing in a cage – which is why we want to get this sweetie out to foster ASAP! Remember that, as a pup, he’ll need a bit more training than the average dog, especially when it comes to house-training. In addition to being sent home with a bag of Science Diet food, you’ll also be given medication to administer to him in a treat. Help us help this little guy!


Jill & Co – Listed 4/11/17 (thanks Margaret!)


No photo of Extra // 1 year old mama cat & five 4 week old kittens / Surrendered on 4/7/17 due to having “too many pets”

Meet Jill, the handsome mama cat and her four babes PLUS an orphaned kitten that we added to the bunch. Rose, Sophia, Blanche, Donnie and Extra are all 1 month old and just hit 1 pound in weight. They will be safer in a foster home, away from germs like URI, which is why we’re eager to get them out the door. If you’d be willing to foster a big familial bunch – this is your group!

Thank you to our partners whose support makes our work possible