Foster Candidates

Thank you for visiting our foster candidates page! Below is a current list of pets who need rehabilitation through our foster care program.

If you are a licensed Society foster volunteer, and you’re interested in taking in one of these pets, please email us at If you are not a current member of the foster team, but you would like to get involved, please visit our Foster Program webpage for additional details on how you can help.

 Last updated 05/19/2017 2:40 p.m.

Winterfresh, Trident, Orbit, Eclipse, Chicklet (Orbit Eclipse and Chicklet not pictured)

1 month 24 days/3 males/2 females 

Reason for Foster: Age/weight

Estimated Length of Stay: 2-3 weeks

Intake Source: Too many animals


Listed 5/17/2017


9 Months Old UnNeutered Male /27 Pounds

Reason for Foster: Kennel Cough

Estimated Length of Stay: 4-6 weeks

Intake Source: Transferred from AWL


Listed 5/17/17

Roen, Archer, Brocka, Nax and Brigandell

1 Months 23 days  Old

Reason for Foster:Weight and URI

Estimated Length of Stay: 3-4 weeks


Intake Source: Too many animals

These poor babies have contracted upper respiratory infections. They are thin and have nasal congestion as well as eye discharge. They are considered high risk fosters due to their age, weight and illness, please consider giving them a chance in your home.



Hobo-Listed 5/9/17

1 year Old Neutered Male /51 Pounds

Reason for Foster: Shelter Break

Estimated Length of Stay:As long as you are willing

Intake Source: Conflict with other animal

Hobo was relinquished because their German Shepard was acting aggressive towards him and bit him a few times. His behavior is deteriorating here at the shelter, he is getting very noisy and mouthy. His foster parent will have to actively work on teaching him good manners. Hobo’s negative behaviors appear largely kennel based; once he’s outside on leash he’s relatively calm, not particularly jumpy or reactive towards dogs.


Natsu and Laxus-Listed 5/9/17

2 months/ Males

Reason for Foster:Under weight

Estimated Length of Stay:2-3 weeks

Intake Source: Field Service pick-up

Natsu has been a bit nervous here at the shelter, but has warmed up a far amount. Please consider giving this little fuzz ball a chance to warm up to humans and gain some weight in a home










Stephen-Listed 5/3/17

4 months Old/ Male 

Reason for Foster: URI

Estimated Length of Stay:3 weeks

Intake Source: Owner surrender, too many animals






Sammie-Listed 5/3/17

6 months Old/ Male 

Reason for Foster: URI

Estimated Length of Stay:3 weeks

Intake Source: Owner surrender, too many animals

Handsome Sammie is only 5 months and doesn’t want to spend his precious kitten days waiting in rehab to recover form his Upper Respiratory Infection. Please consider nursing him back to health in your home.


Willie-Listed 4/27/17

6 months Old/ Male /36 Pounds

Reason for Foster: Recovering from injury

Estimated Length of Stay:3 weeks

Intake Source: Transfer to another shelter

4-6 week foster period while leg recovers, doctors note “partial avulsion of tibial tuberosity” aka he injured his knee. He is now in a cast and needs x-rays again after it has had a chance to heal for about a month.



We`ve went home! (well at least for the time being) Thank you Foster Care Volunteers!!!


RICKY&BILLY (Thanks, Wendy!)

1 month/Male/1.19 lbs

Reason for Foster: Too young

Estimated Length of Stay: 3-4 weeks

Intake Source: Brought in as a stray 5/08/2017









Porter and Dentyne-Listed 5/9/17 (pending pick-up thanks Lindsey!)

About a month and a half old/ came in as strays 4/25/1


Jynx- Listed 5/3/17 (pending pick-up, thanks Georgia!)

13 years young/Came in on 3/18 with euthanasia consent from owner claiming he was too much work/ needs a month foster stay to recover from his significant URI

Poor Jynx has been really not feeling well since he has gotten here. Rehab staff has reported he is VERY sweet but also pretty shy. He will nibble on a little bit of food over night while everyone is gone. This poor baby still has some good years left in him! Please considering fostering him to love him back to health.


Singleton Baby-Listed 5/4/17 (Thanks, Carli!)

Came in 5/3/17/ Was abandoned in the lobby/ About one month old.

Will need a one month foster stay for age and weight. It would be ideal for his development if he could go to a foster home with kitties for optimal socialization.





Daisy-Listed 4/17/2017 (Thanks, Andrea!)

6 mo Chihuahua x puppy / transfer in from another shelter / Kennel Cough (mild symptoms) on medication / 2-3 week foster stay.

Soo cute and soo sweet Daisy is a forward and engaging Chihuahua puppy. Wonderful wiggly & front of the cage behavior! Come in and spring Daisy from the treatment ward so as to allow her the best chance at recovery.


Eres-Listed 4/25/17 (pending pick-up thanks Stephanie!)

5 Months/Stray found in a school playground/ Thin, URI; foster for conditioning, and convalescence.

She is currently being housed in our rehab facilities to be monitored and treated for her upper respiratory infection.


Peanut & Co – Listed 4/11/17 (in Foster – thanks Nancy!)

















Killian-Listed 4/13/2017 (pending pick-up Thanks Yulia!)

3 yr male / Surrendered due to moving to no pet apartment / Needs special diet (history of urinary crystals

Super cute and loves his chair, Killian needs to be fed a special diet (C/D) and litter pan monitoring (due to history) 2-3 month stay.

Juana Molina, Mala Rodriguez, Shakira-Listed 4/13/2017 (thanks Kelsey!)

1 Month old kittens trio / Offspring from pet / needs to gain weight

1 month foster stay (Juana Molina and Shakira not pictured)




Hilary and Co- (Picked up 4/15. Thank you, Louise!!!)

2 year old mama cat & five kittens less than a week old/ Found in a garage and brought in as strays.

Foster needed for nursing, age & weight / 6-8 week foster period

This is Hilary and her 5 babies Hayden, Hadley, Harper, Happy and Harley. They are new borns, their eyes haven’t even opened yet! They  are very helpless and fragile and will not flourish in a shelter environment. Mama Hilary is very sweet and will take all of the pets and attention she can get. Please consider taking in this lovely family.

5 Extreme newborns 6 days old
  (no photos of the other four) 
+ awesome mommy cat (healthy weight) accepted surrogate kittens close to the same age




Andrea Echeverri, Juanes, and Julieta Vanegas – (thank you Melanie)

fosters7 weeks old /Surrendered on 3/29/17 as unwanted offspring of pet

Foster needed for age & weight / Small, skinny and fragile / 3-4 week foster stay

3 sweet kittens that came in to us on 3/29/2017. They are under weight for their age. Please consider giving some much needed TLC to this trio.




Cubby -Listed 4/6/2017 – (Thank you Rosemary!)
3 year old cat / Transferred from other shelter 3/20/17 / Needs a shelter break-needs to gain muscle mass in rear legs & oral liquid medication / 3-4 week foster stay

Gastrointestinal treatment successful! Rear leg conditioning (allow to roam and use legs) needed. Do you have some space to help Cubby surmount his last stage of treatment?



Jill & Co – Listed 4/11/17 (thanks Margaret!)


No photo of Extra // 1 year old mama cat & five 4 week old kittens / Surrendered on 4/7/17 due to having “too many pets”

Meet Jill, the handsome mama cat and her four babes PLUS an orphaned kitten that we added to the bunch. Rose, Sophia, Blanche, Donnie and Extra are all 1 month old and just hit 1 pound in weight. They will be safer in a foster home, away from germs like URI, which is why we’re eager to get them out the door. If you’d be willing to foster a big familial bunch – this is your group!

Thank you to our partners whose support makes our work possible