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The Anti-Cruelty Society Fall 2023

Explore the Fall 2023 issue of The Anti-Cruelty Society Magazine—a journey through heartwarming stories of the animals who have found refuge, love, and care within our walls.

Humane News: July 2023

Humane News: Summer 2023. News for the friends and supporters of The Anti-Cruelty Society. In this Issue: Growing into Love, Franklin the Fighter, Ways to Wake Action.

The Anti-Cruelty Society 2022 Annual Report

It is with great pleasure that we share with you our remarkable accomplishments of the past year. Joining your compassionate generosity with the passion and skill of every member of our team, we have saved and enhanced the lives of many, many animals and their families.

July 2022 Newsletter

News for the friends and supporters of The Anti-Cruelty Society. In this issue; Big Dogs = Big Love, Thelma and Louise: Compassion in Action, and Ways to Get Involved

The Anti-Cruelty Society Fall 2022

Explore this issue of The Anti-Cruelty Society Fall 2022 Magazine, which focuses on Best Care with the belief that animals should be treated humanely, compassionately, and with unconditional love and support because they deserve a full circle of care and a life worth living.

The Anti-Cruelty Society 2021 Annual Report

This Annual Report shares some of the stories that show how ingrained our values are in our culture. Read about Snowball, Lynette, and Winston and our commitment to inclusion and passion. You will find stories about our pop-up pet food pantries and wellness fairs that provide access to care in the community.

The Anti-Cruelty Society Fall 2021 Magazine

Explore The Anti-Cruelty Society’s Fall 2021 magazine to learn how we are dedicated to finding community and a common purpose. Explore our compassionate commitment to pets and people through the eyes of our staff and volunteers. 

2020 Annual Report

Can one word adequately describe a year like 2020? Not likely, but there is one word I would like to use to frame our pandemic-year story: Commitment.   As you read, I hope you will see the passion and care of our staff for our animals and for our mission—a passion I know you share. I hope you will feel the love that is expressed for animals and their human families in the new ways we are helping those families to endure tough times. I hope you will understand how important you are in helping us make and keep these commitments.  You, our volunteers, adopters, donors, and supporters, make it possible for us to translate…

2020 Fall Magazine

As we continue to move forward, we are embracing the new normal. We are offering you this shortened version of our magazine to keep you connected and share stories about our everyday heroes who have done so much to help so many by supporting animals and their humans. This work coincides with our new Community Care initiative which we are excited to expand over the next year.

2019 Annual Report

It has been a year of growth and celebration for 120 years of compassion in action to help animals in need. We are proud to present our 2019 Annual Report.

2019 Fall Magazine

The Anti-Cruelty Society’s Fall 2019 magazine continues to celebrate the Society’s 120th anniversary and our compassion in action! The Anti-Cruelty Society welcomes 165 animals impacted by severe storms in Oklahoma, highlights our new online Pet Care Library, highlights the Canines for Kindness program, and more!

2019 Spring Magazine

The Anti-Cruelty Society’s Spring 2019 magazine celebrates the Society’s 120th anniversary of compassion in action! We welcome new president, Tracy Elliott, celebrate the human-animal bond, offer tips for caring for puppies and kittens, celebrate 25 years of our dog party and fundraiser, Bark in the Park, and more!

2018 Annual Report

The 2018 Annual Report is a celebration of the Society’s compassion in action. It is a review of our 2018 accomplishments as well as a look back at the success of our last 10 years.  This year saw the implementation of…