Disaster Relief Fostering

Become a Disaster Relief Foster

Thank you for your interest in helping with our disaster relief efforts! The Anti-Cruelty Society often responds to requests in taking animals from areas of the country experiencing extreme weather conditions.

Animals arriving at The Anti-Cruelty Society in these situations were living in the shelters prior to the storms, and as advocates for any animal in need, we are pleased to open our doors to care and protect these animals. Our role in helping them find forever homes in Chicago helps the shelters in these areas care for animals displaced by the storm until they are able to reunite with their families. 

Hurricane Dorian relief efforts: Animals arriving September 5

The Anti-Cruelty Society  is providing refuge for 100 shelter animals from South Carolina shelters as the eastern coastal areas brace for the impact from Hurricane Dorian. We are seeking fosters to support these efforts. To sign up to foster animals beginning September 5 at 8:00 a.m., please fill out this form. Please note that training sessions are mandatory for new fosters.

For more information about the Hurricane Dorian disaster relief efforts, view here

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Thank you for helping us!