Canines for Kindness

  • Brown pit bull jumping through red and white hoop held by white man in green jacket and jeans

There is nothing better than watching animals who are trained to respond and be kind. Canines for Kindness brings together our humane education team with renown trainer Jeff Jenkins to show how to take kindness to the next level. The program, which is coming to summer camps across Chicago, focuses on building empathy, sharing basic animal care tips, and teaching kids how to communicate with kindness with both pets and people. Jeff’s dogs June Bug and Rosie Rae are the four-legged stars of Midnight Circus and are showcasing their talent in this unique, engaging program. Campers will see these two pups perform a variety of agility exercises while learning more about how positive reinforcement goes beyond training and can be applied to everyday life. 
For additional details, and to bring Canines for Kindness programming to your camper’s site this summer, email us at