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Welcome to the Volunteer News page! If you're an active on-site Society volunteer, this is your one-stop-shop for the latest news and views about the organization. If you're not a current volunteer but are interested in getting involved, click here for details. If you have questions, send those to volunteer@anticruelty.org.


Volunteer Town Hall 2022!

We`ve all been hoping for an end to the pandemic, waay back to last year around this time even.

New volunteer onboarding was continually pushed back as we considered new infection rates, the Delta, and Omicron variants. September to Autumn, to Winter 2021, and now we are looking to February which is quite upon us.

That plus the fact that there`s some secret BARK (in the Park) buzz going around is a positive sign that we are more than eager, we`re ready to get moving in full swing again.

So, what`s the current outlook for 2022? Take your peek into our Crystal Ball named: Volunteer Town Hall, Leaked-to-you agenda items include:

·       2021 in review

·       2022 Society Updates

·       New volunteer onboarding & Lv.1 Program Updates

·       New Mission, Vision, and Values

·       And what`s the Emergency Shelter Project?!?

We will send a Zoom link 72 hours ahead to volunteers who have scheduled to attend Volunteer Town Hall on Thursday, January 20th, 12:30 – 1:30 p.m. Society volunteers, join us by scheduling your attendance under Meetings & Seminars in your volunteer profile!

We hope to see you there!

Eric T - Volunteer Resources Manager

Non-Kim Laundry Market

Shelter Laundry


The need for clean Laundry in our shelter never-ever ceases. It`s because every single animal in our care must have or be provided with clean bedding every day.  

Essential volunteers are the only volunteers that can help with this effort, due to their special access to our facility. Please consider helping during your essential animal socialization hours.

A new process has been initiated to make this important task more tolerable. Please choose to launder the oldest bin when you`re in, as the bins are notated with the days of the week. If you help staff carry a dirty load to the laundry area, please place the bag into the current day`s bin. 

Start a wash, "flip" a load into the dryer, or fold a basket's worth when you can. Each of these actions provides bedding & towels for the animals in our care!

Not on one of the Essential volunteer teams? Email: etostado@anticruelty.org to become involved.

Bev CRehab Trainer

Cat Rehab Socialization


Treatment for Upper Respiratory Infection is a constant in the animal shelter environment and our Cat Rehab Center is an important resource both for the treatment of sick cats and to protect the overall population from airborne influenzas, such as U.R.I.

Sick cats undergoing medication therapy can experience a drop in appetite which does not help them recover.

Just a little time, some talk, and your touch can make them feel better, provoking a "social feeding response" which saves lives.

We work doubly to save lives & to ensure we`re not spreading U.R.I throughout the shelter by adhering to the Cat Rehab Socialization Program rules.

Help cats undergoing treatment recover from illness by helping them feel loved.

Email: etostado@anticruelty.org to meet with a Cat Rehab volunteer trainer!

(Note: Cat Rehab Socialization is a Level 2 Program so 25 non-incident volunteer hours in a cat program is the pre-requisite to attend) 

PSR Descriptor Lisa

The Volunteer Post Surgical Recovery Program


Work directly with our medical staff to care for animals throughout the recovery process, preventing post-op complications by monitoring vital signs, and assisting in each pet`s recovery back to a conscious state.

Shelter animal & affordable spay/neuter services are our most powerful weapon against pet overpopulation in our field of Animal Welfare.

Twenty-Five volunteer hours in a shelter cat & dog program, along with 25 hours in Clinic Patient Care, are the pre-requisites to begin training. The path to participate in The Post-Surgical Recovery Program may seem daunting to a starting volunteer, however, it is the will of the individual alone that decides the impact they can make in our field of Animal Welfare. To map out your way email: etostado@anticruelty.org to learn more.

Expert volunteer recovery trainers are waiting to meet you when you are ready to help in this fast-paced Level 3 Volunteer Program!


Clinic Patient Care Dog

The Volunteer Clinic Patient Care Program


Hospitalized animals in The Society Clinic need extra socialization & special time in our Adoption Garden. Volunteer your effort to assisting our veterinary assistants in their daily care & cleaning of our patient's enclosures, many of which may require direct instruction on special handling requirements related to a specific injury or status.

Clinic Patient Care Volunteers learn to feel comfortable in the Clinic becoming familiar with it`s operation, this is why this program is a prerequisite to join Post Surgical Recovery.

Clinic Patient Care is a Level 2 Volunteer Program requiring 25 hours in either a shelter dog or cat program. Training is available on certain Saturdays 9:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. (can achieve pass sooner-trainer provides this span if needed). Email: etostado@anticruelty.org to get set up for training.

Physical Exams Descriptor

Physical Examination Assistance


Work directly with our veterinarians to hold shelter animals during this necessary & integral portion of our adoption process.

Touch & talk to soothe, learn to apply our gentle but true hold while our wonderful veterinarian performs the exam & blood draw for analysis.

Weekends are exam time and a well-trained Physical Examination Assistance volunteer can empower our medical staff & reduce stress which can sometimes occur during exams.

Twenty-five volunteer hours in both a dog & cat volunteer program is the pre-requisite to attend training as both handling skill & body language Identification is a must in this Lv.3 Medical Handling Program.

If you fit the prequalification we have excellent, highly committed volunteer instructors available to introduce you to the program on weekends.

Email: etostado@anticruelty.org to arrange a meetup. 


Caravan Cart

The Cat Caravan Volunteer Project


The Cat Caravan Volunteer Project is designed to provide adoption-ready cats to neighboring PetSmart adoption partners to take advantage of their high-volume adoption program. Help by adding your vehicle to our Cat Caravan & meet our PetSmart Adoption Experience Coordinator to transport cats to neighborhood PetSmarts, one step closer to home! Learn this simple process, and help shelter cats get adopted!

Astute attention on how to behave around & transport cats carefully keeping transport stress low is important. 

Email: rfrale@anticruelty.org to learn more about Cat Caravans.

Join our Cat Caravan and become a hero for shelter cat adoption.

Please note that Volunteer Cat, EAC, or Foster Program Training is the prerequisite to attend.

PSCAS Market

PetSmart Cat Adoption Support


Are you interested in joining our PetSmart Cat Adoption Support Program to put your Cat Adoption Qualification to use during the pandemic?

Tend to Shelter cats awaiting placement & work directly with PetSmart staff and visitors hoping to find a new companion. 

Serving as a PetSmart Cat Adoption Support volunteer will help cats find their forever home at a faster rate while supporting a new and positive partnership.

Help us help them find a lifelong companion at one of our nearby partner spaces:

  • Andersonville
  • Evanston
  • Kingsbury
  • Wrigleyville

Contact: rfrale@anticruelty.org to schedule a training session!


Rescue Dog Transport Assistance


Join us to help receive a transport of rescued dogs from high animal population shelters from out of state, from locales in which affordable spay or neutering is difficult to procure or not wholly embraced by their community.

Hold & distract dogs & puppies during their routine Intake vaccinations, socialize litters of puppies, provide exploration, and some exercise. Meet and work with staff & fellow foster volunteers in this fast-paced massive doggy reception.

An excellent feature to add to your evening routine!

Schedule your assistance under > COVID19 > Rescue Dog Transport Assistance when available. 


Essential Animal Socialization Media

Essential Animal Socialization Program


The Anti-Cruelty Society's mission of compassion in action means basic human-to-animal socialization is Essential throughout the pandemic. Out-of-cage time, your touch, Treat Runs for dogs, and Feeding Assistance for cats must continue under our shared COVID19 All Personnel Safety Guidelines.

Email: etostado@anticruelty.org to learn how to put your volunteer qualification back to good use & return to your favorite onsite volunteer efforts during the Pandemic.

Opportunity: Petography

Volunteer Petographers 


How are we drawing in the public to meet their new, lifelong companion? We`re using the power of photography to speak directly to the heart. If you have an eye for capturing eyes-on-our-pets and a knack for capturing compelling photos, and videos of adoptable pets - we need you!

Reach out to our Adoption Experience Supervisors to learn more about how to get involved.

Petography Lead Brianna: bcade@anticruelty.org

Petography Lead Kamari: kperry@anticruelty.org

Volunteer From Home Home

Volunteer From Home 


Attend a Busy Fingers Virtual Crafting Event, or choose your Choice In-Kennel Animal Enrichment Items, either way, your efforts & the accumulated spirit you add is sure to generate important toys & comfort items to help shelter animals during their stay. 

Take your support to Craigslist and carry out important outreach on behalf of Chicago`s neediest pets by participating in Volunteer Pet Patrol. 

Check out some of the Knitters for Critters Knitting/Crocheting patterns to craft Lovely toys for shelter or foster cats.

Donate these items to our animal shelter, and make sure to send a selfie to: etostado@anticruelty.org 

It important now, more than ever to help with these at-home volunteer opportunities.

Society volunteers are a force for good in our world.

Choice Enrichment

Volunteer From Home

Craft choice in-kennel enrichment toys for the animals to enjoy. It`s important for sheltered animals to receive a novel, food/puzzle toy In their enclosure, every day to keep them busy with new tastes, or textures. Behavior staff may spray them with food-safe scent extracts to maximize variety.

Share these links with friends for a drive, and act as Animal Santa with your big bag of toys & treats for shelter animals this season!

Cats love:

Paper Fans

Kitty Pinatas`

Bottlecap Bopper

Dogs love:

Denim Chews

Wubba Toys

Small mammals love:

Variety TP Tubes

Deliver your choice craft donations to Shelter Reception & benefit the animals in our care! 

Figgy Sippy & Sewey BF Virtual Market

Virtual Busy Fingers 


You already support our animals in need by volunteering, go one step further and join our Busy Fingers crafting volunteers! All skill levels are invited to our free, monthly virtual Sip & Sew event here. We discuss shelter news, crafting items, and socialize in a socially distanced way. If you'd like to do it on your own, check out our DIY animal enrichment page here to find items and crafting instructions. Crafting materials are available on a limited basis, reach out to mgleason@anticruelty.org if you’re interested. You can also join her free, monthly Virtual Crafting Crew at 12:30 p.m. CST here


Gumshoe Tiger

Craigslist PetPatrol


A specialized (psst, undercover) group of Society volunteers scan listings on Craigslist to perform valuable outreach on behalf of Chicago pets in precarious circumstances.

Flag the illegal selling of pets, offer Society services to animals being given away, speak up for shelter adoption to individuals looking to purchase pets, and spread our message of Animal Welfare to the community. 

It`s easy, and we work under the anonymity of us, together.

Email: akulla@anticruelty.org to learn more.

This is Gumshoe Tiger,