Special Care Adoptions

Anti-Cruelty provides an open door to animals – no matter the circumstances.  


Some of the animals we welcome into our care have medical or behavioral needs that require specialized training, additional medical support, or other long-term accommodations. To ensure that adopters are aware of these pets’ unique needs, Anti-Cruelty has developed the Special Care adoption track. This adoption category helps adopters understand a pet’s unique circumstances and needs before making an adoption decision. Our team works with potential adopters in advance to educate them about potential costs and care implications. This allows adopters to understand the full scope of an animal’s behavior and/or medical needs before choosing to make them part of the family. Note: Animals designated as Special Care, as well as other adopted animals, do not receive subsidized services through Anti-Cruelty’s clinic. 

In addition to helping us prepare adopters, Special Care has also allowed Anti-Cruelty to expand the types of pets we place through our adoption program. Thanks to this effort, we have expanded the types of pets eligible for adoption, helping us place more animals into adoptive homes while preparing adopters for the journey ahead.  

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