Present an Animal Welfare Topic to Your Class

A Mission to Educate

One of the major components of the work we do here at The Anti-Cruelty Society revolves around our mission to educate the community around us about the relationships that we have with animals, and the long-term effects those relationships have on the way that we treat one another.

By researching and presenting on an animal welfare topic for one (or more) of your classes, you will be assisting The Anti-Cruelty Society in our mission by informing your peers, teachers, and others about the reasons why taking care of our cats and dogs is essential to building a community of caring.

You can give a presentation at your school for any class that you choose, so long as it is appropriate and at least somewhat relevant to the subject matter of the course. It must also be approved by your classroom teacher in writing beforehand.

Presentation Topics
There is no shortage of important issues related to the topic of animal welfare, many of which are still being discussed by animal welfare advocates every day. Possible topics include:

  • Dog Fighting
  • Animal Abuse
  • Pet Overpopulation
  • Puppy Mills
  • Keeping Exotic Animals as Pets
  • Using Animals for Commercial Research
  • Factory Farming
  • And many more…

You’re welcome to select one of the topics listed above or choose another animal welfare-related issue that interests you. If you have questions about or need help selecting a topic, feel free to email the Society at No matter what you choose, contacting us before beginning research on your project is recommended to make sure that the issue you select is appropriate and approved by The Anti-Cruelty Society.


  • You must use at least 5 different sources for research. Internet sources are okay, but they should credible sources (they will be checked for accuracy by The Anti-Cruelty Society) and original source materials (i.e., no Wikipedia or similar sites).
  • The presentation must be at least 10 minutes long.
  • You must have written approval from your classroom teacher that is turned in to The Anti-Cruelty Society before you give your presentation.
  • Before conducting your presentation in class, you must make an appointment to meet with one of The Anti-Cruelty Society’s Humane Community Programs Specialists and present it to them first to get approval and make sure that the information in your presentation is factually accurate.
  • When you come to the Society to get your presentation approved, you will be given a form that must be filled out and signed by your classroom teacher as proof that you gave the presentation to your class. This form can be returned in person or via email (sent to

If you have any other questions regarding this service learning project, please contact the Community Programs Department at, or by phone at 312-645-8095.