Reducing Stress for your Cat


Depending on your cat’s needs, there are several feline enrichment activities that could benefit them. Adult cats benefit greatly from 30 minutes of play time per day. Kittens need a bit more activity, about 45-60 minutes per day. Just like exercise releases stress for humans, physical play reduces frustration and stress for cats. It is best for physical play sessions to be broken down into 5-10 minute increments.

Additionally, cats benefit from a home environment that is suitable for their needs. Cats need a variety of places to perch, hide and climb. They also need designated scratching areas. In order to keep your cat consistently entertained, make sure their environment varies in color, shape, size, and texture. Also be sure there are adequate litter boxes and scratching posts depending on the size of the environment.

It is important to make sure that all of your cat’s senses are stimulated in different ways. To provide sensory enrichment, set up a perch near a window so your cat can peer outside. Place a bird feeder near the window to attract entertainment for your cat. You may also want to keep some windows cracked open so your cat can hear sounds from outside. To help your cat experience smell, bring some pet friendly plants into the house for them to sniff. They may also benefit from a catnip spray. Food puzzles during meal time can help stimulate taste. These puzzles can be purchased at pet stores or made at home. To stimulate touch, give your cats a variety of surfaces to scratch and rub on. And, above all, give your cat some TLC in the form of pets and brushing. It will bring you both closer!

Do-it-yourself toys are a great way to upcycle every day household items into cat toys. For directions on DIY cat (and dog) toys, click here.