July is Lost Pet Prevention Month

Pets can get lost for a number of reasons, but it is how you get them back that matters the most. Microchipping is an easy to make sure you get your four-legged friend back ASAP! 

Microchipping is the process of embedding a small electric chip between the shoulder blades of an animal, and when this small chip is scanned by a shelter or veterinarian, it will show a unique number that is registered with your contact information.

Collars with IDs are a great preventative measure, but these can break, and in the case this does happen, your pet can still be identified through their microchip. 

It is very important to register your microchip. Some people take the first step in getting the chip implanted, but they forget to register it with their information. Without connecting it with your contact information, there is no way to identify your pet. 

With Fourth of July right around the corner, it is a good idea for those who already have microchipped their animal to see if their information is up to date with their most recent information. Many animals during this time of year try and flee to a quieter area, so making sure your loved one is easily identifiable will help you get reunited faster!