It’s Raining…Kittens!


Caring for a very young, orphaned kitten is so important but it is a lot of work. Humans must step into the role the mother cat would normally play: feeding them every few hours, cleaning them up, and teaching them the ropes. To do all of this requires time, love, patience, and supplies. That’s where our supporters come in! We’re hosting a Kitten Shower on Sunday, May 5 to help us collect items to care for the many kittens we expect to come in over the next several months.

We are looking for Miracle NipplesSnuggle Safes, KMRBaby food (no onions), Soft, unscented tissues, and kitten food. These items can purchased from our Amazon Wish List and delivered directly to us, or you may purchase and drop them off on Sunday, May 5 from 1:00-3:00 p.m. at our 510 N. LaSalle St. lobby. And while you’re here, learn more about our foster program and meet some kittens in our care!

We (and the kittens) thank you for your generosity in helping us care for kittens in need!