Home for the Howlidays

  • A bunny, two cats and a small dog post with holiday cats

We love to hang out with the animals in our care but sometimes our animals need a break from shelter life. In the past year, we sent over 1,000 animals to foster homes, which was so critical for animals who need a little extra attention in a comfy home environment. We hear from foster parents all the time who say this experience was life-changing for the animals as well as for themselves.

This holiday season, we are piloting a new program called Home for the Howlidays to provide a break from shelter life for our animals. We have dogs, cats, and rabbits looking for that special holiday break. Any person interested in fostering for 2 days up to 2 weeks have the chance to really make a difference in the lives of our animals. The program is open to new fosters as well as those who have fostered in the past. All care supplies, medical, and training support is included.

Email foster@anticruelty.org for more info or visit anticruelty.org/howlidays. This program runs through January 10.