February is Adopt a Rabbit Month


Rabbits are incredibly intelligent, loving, and social creatures. With an average life span of 7-10 years, these affectionate pets are great for people from all walks of life.

Did you know?

  • Rabbits are VERY social animals. In terms of time commitment, bunnies are more like dogs in that they need a lot of attention from their human friends.
  • Rabbits should be litterbox trained. This will help keep your home cleaner and allow for your rabbit to roam around the home without leaving “special treats” everywhere.
  • Most rabbits require at least four hours of cage-free time and interactive play every day. Bunnies love to run, jump, and play. They require a lot of exercise to burn calories, stimulate their minds, and maintain emotional health.
  • Rabbits are not like dogs when it comes to approaching them. You should start by getting on their level and then petting them on the top of their heads, down the bridge of their nose, and between the ears. You do not need to allow them to smell you first like you do with dogs.
  • Rabbits do not like to be picked up. Avoid it if you can, but if you need to pick a rabbit up, place one hand under the chest of the rabbit and the other beneath the rabbit’s rear end. Slowly lift and bring the rabbit close to your body. If he begins to flail, then stop and allow the rabbit to calm down. Their backs are very fragile and they can hurt themselves easily when being picked up.

There’s a lot to learn when becoming a rabbit owner! If you’d like to adopt a rabbit, check out the bunnies available for adoption at The Anti-Cruelty Society and come in to meet them! 

And if you are interested in short term rabbit love, we always need people to foster our furry friends. Learn more here!