April Is National Heartworm Awareness Month

Heartworm disease is serious and potentially fatal parasite that is transmitted from animal to animal by mosquitoes. It is also almost 100% preventable. To protect your dogs, they should receive a monthly dose of a heartworm prevention pill or an injectable medication. Prescribed by your veterinarian, the pill is mostly commonly used and comes in tasty flavors to help make it more appealing to your dog. 

While this disease is more common in warmer climates, it’s important to provide the preventative regularly. This disease attacks dogs’ cardiovascular system and if untreated, can be deadly. The only way to know if your dog is heartworm positive is through a blood test administered by your veterinarian. If you suspect your dog may have been exposed to mosquitos and is not receiving preventative treatment, talk to your veterinarian immediately.

The most effective way to keep your dog heartworm-free is to visit your veterinarian annually and administer medication. Learn more about heartworm and how to keep your pet safe from the American Heartworm Society.