4th of July Tips for Pet Parents

It is difficult to enjoy a firework show knowing your pet is huddled at home terrified of the unknown, and once the boom start , it is hard to soothe their fears. However, there are a few techniques you can do to reduce the anxiety your pet endures this Independence Day.

One of the first things you can do a few days prior to The Fourth is desensitizing your canine or cat companions to the booms of fireworks. Start by softly playing an audio recording of a firework show, and reward them for good behavior. After a while, increase the volume and continue the praise. If for any reason your pet starts to react negatively to the audio clip, reduce the volume and work with them to calm them back down. This is a process, so try this throughout the day during normal activities to normalize the loud noise.

Desensitization is a great start, but it may not be enough for your pet to rest with ease. Before going out to enjoy your night make sure to provide your pet with heavenly home! Here are some tips to take your pet from tense to tired. 

  • Make sure to provide your pet with some great playtime during the day. Take a walk with your dog and play with some cat toys to help tire them out. 
  • Put your pet into a space they feel safe in like a crate, under a bed or in a bathtub
  • Close windows and doors to dampen the sound  
  • Play soft music
  • Try an anxiety vest or snugly fit t-shirt
  • Spray pheromones
  • Talk to your vet to see if anti-anxiety medication is an option

All pets are different, so find the things that work for your beloved bestie. Encourage your pet to enjoy this celebratory day, and turn those shaking bodies into tired souls dreaming of chasing squirrels and eating tuna!