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Big Boy & Boss

Every day, we’re lucky enough to share some incredible stories that come out of Anti-Cruelty. Take it from a heartwarming story like Big Boy and Boss, to know the power of your generous donations. These two dogs are brothers who had been living in a basement with no windows and little human interaction. As you can imagine, their living conditions needed change quickly, and they were understandably timid when they first arrived at the shelter.

Big Boy and Boss had never received proper socialization, and this made it difficult for them to interact with people and other dogs. They were shy and withdrawn, and it was clear that they needed a lot of love and attention to help them come out of their shells.

Slowly but surely, Big Boy and Boss began to open up to people, and they were soon adopted by a new, loving family.

Today, Big Boy and Boss are happy, healthy, and ready for whatever their next adventure may hold. They have come a long way from spending their days in a basement with no windows, and it is all thanks to our incredible staff, adopters/fosters and doners like you.

Double Your Impact. Save TWICE the Animals.

For a limited time, every dollar of your gift will be matched to provide TWICE the love and care for homeless and hurting animals in the Chicago area. Opportunities like this don’t come along often! Give now to provide 2X the:

  • Food
  • Shelter
  • Medical care
  • Adoption services
  • And more!

Thanks for your support! We appreciate your generous gift to Anti-Cruelty.