Animal Licensing

In Cook County, it is the law to have your pet vaccinated for Rabies. Cook County Rabies Control offers a low cost rabies vaccination clinic.

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In the city of Chicago, dogs are required to be registered in order to show that they have been properly vaccinated for contagious diseases. The cost of a license is  $5 and can be obtained from the Chicago City Clerk. Taking the time to register your dog is incredibly important, as owners of unregistered dogs can be fined up to $500. The process is simple and can be done online City of Chicago Online Dog Registration.

City of Chicago Online Dog Registration


Microchipping your pet is simple, inexpensive, painless, and yields a high rate of return when pets get separated from their owners. At Anti-Cruelty, we often see lost pets come through our doors and our first step is always to scan them for a microchip. Keeping your pet’s microchip current (current address and owner’s contact info) is very important!

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