Host an Online Fundraiser

Hosting a Fundraiser

Whether it be to commemorate a special occasion or to encourage people to help our cause, hosting a Facebook or other online fundraiser is a fantastic way to make an immediate difference in the lives of our animals.

To host an online fundraiser or to host your own event benefiting The Anti-Cruelty Society, contact our Development Department at 312-645-8060 or email

Hosting Your Own Event FAQ

Q: What type of event can I hold?
A: Just about any event can be a successful fundraiser for The Anti-Cruelty Society. If you want our support for this event, it is important to go through the approval process prior to advertising the event. Events that are commonly held on our behalf include donation drives, cocktail parties, and shopping and restaurant events/promotions.

Q: Can The Anti-Cruelty Society attend my event and bring adoptable animals?
A: We receive daily requests to attend events, both with and without animals. While we are happy to consider this, we have found that keeping our animals in our adoption centers is a much better way for our animals to be adopted and it gives them the highest chance of getting adopted and finding their forever homes. For any offsite event with animals, there are specific requirements for bringing animals to an event which must be evaluated before it can be approved. Please understand that we cannot guarantee that we will be able to bring any animals or what type of animals are available but we do our best to evaluate and consider your request if at all possible.

Q: Will The Anti-Cruelty Society promote and attend my event?
A: If you request that someone from the Society attend your event, we will try to have a representative available. If you are hoping to have on-site staff or volunteers to support your event, we will do our best to recruit volunteers to assist. We have multiple events throughout the year, often on the same day or weekend, so please submit your completed form as early as possible and we will do our best to accommodate your request.

We have multiple events of our own throughout the year but we will do our best to support your event.