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Educational Programs

Anti-Cruelty offers a number of different educational programs and presentations that are all a part of our organization’s mission to create a community of caring by helping pets and educating people. While each of these programs is designed to work as a one-time educational opportunity, many of them also share themes and connect to one another in such a way that the content of one presentation builds upon and reinforces the ideas of the others.

In order to help reinforce our message of empathy and caring and make the big ideas of our curriculum more meaningful for students, we have begun offering program “packages” that will allow our Community Programs Specialists to present in front of a classroom or group multiple times for a series of different presentations to more effectively connect core messages that they each share and expanding the group’s understanding of these humane education topics.

A series of programs can be booked across days, weeks, or even months, depending on your group’s needs and availability. See below for a list of suggested program packages that we currently offer, but remember that these can be customized for any group, with other programs added or substituted a la carte style. For more information about booking a series of Humane Education programs, please email or call 312-645-8098.

Suggested Program Packages

Age Range: Kindergarten – 2nd Grade


  • Pet Care
  • Safety Around Animals

Age Range: Primary Grades (3rd – 8th)


  • Animal Careers

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