Urban Dogs Virtual Workshop

About The Event

Join our Urban Dogs virtual workshop and help make Chicago more pet friendly! We welcome all, especially Chicago dog owners and property groups. Society pet educator, Maggie Gleason, will unearth the mysteries of all things “doggo”. Learning why dogs behave the way they do can make a world of difference. Behaviors like leash pulling and nuisance barking can be, well, a nuisance. Learn training techniques for canines, and humans that will positively impact both. You’ll finish with the tools needed to advocate for responsible dog ownership and better your own canine relationships.

Who: All welcome, especially Chicago dog owners and property associations 

What: Urban Dogs, a virtual workshop 

When: June 13, 12:30-1:30pm CST 

How: Register and you will be sent a Zoom link to join.  

Cost: $5  

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Maggie Gleason
312-645-8099 | mgleason@anticruelty.org