Dog Puzzle Toy

Fun Activities for Dogs

Giving our dogs something fun to do in their kennels throughout the day is key to keeping them content and healthy during their shelter stay.  By making a set of these simple dog puzzle toys, you can provide ten different dogs with a fun activity to help pass the time.


  • Toilet Paper Tube
  • Dog Kibble
  • Dog Treats

Dog Puzzle instructions


  1. Fold in both sides of one end of the tube to create a seal.
  2. Flip the tube around and fill with 4-5 pieces of kibble and 1-2 high value treats.
  3. Fold in the last side of the opening to seal in the treats.
  4. Repeat nine more times to create a set of ten.
  5. Optional: You can use a small tab of peanut butter to seal the tubes.