Cork Toys

Easy to Make Cork Toys

Cats are avid hunters and enjoy having toys that simulate their natural desire to catch and throw prey. These fun and easy to make cork toys do just that! By giving a shelter cat a small lightweight toy to throw, especially one with a tail, you can make their stay with us more enjoyable.

pipe cleaners, paper clip, cork, feathers


  • Wine corks
  • Paperclip or Push pin
  • Pipe cleaners and/or feathers

Time to create: Each cork toy takes 1-minute to make


hand holding paper clip

1. Use a paper clip to poke a hole at one end of the cork. Make sure the hole is at least a half-inch deep. If using a cork that already has a hole from being pulled from a bottle, skip to step 3.

Hand with blue pipe cleaner twisted around it

2. Twirl the pipe cleaners into various coils and other open-ended shapes.

hand holding cork with pipe cleaner in it

3. Insert the pipe cleaner into one end of the cork.

hand holding cork with feather in it

4. To create a feathered cork toy, simply stick the end into the cork hole.