Hello from Guy!

GuyWell hello!

I know it has been quite a while since you last  heard from me but one of my facebook friends reached out and was worried about me because I had not posted in a loooonnngggggg time. So  here I am! See, I look pretty great for 13 years old! I have been living the great life with my friends on The Anti-Cruelty Society’s behavior team. They know how  to treat a guy really well. I also have a bunch of friends. Mr. Kelley, of course, is who I probably snuggle with most but we have a new friend who has been visiting the office. His name is Stevie and he is just a young pup…but he is blind. All I know is that he does not mind living near a cat for the time being…and  he is really cute. On the other side of the office in our Education area, there are a family of 7 baby rabbits. They are cute too. Even with all of our office fosters, it is a pretty great place to live. I spend most of my time lounging around, snuggling with my office friends, eating, or sleeping. Sometimes I do go to the new Cats & Mats Yoga classes we offer at the Society but only when I am feeling really limber. So you see, life is still great for me. I am so glad I have social media friends looking out for me. Maybe I will write again soon!

Peace out!