Other Ways to Give

In addition to traditional ways of supporting our organization, The Anti-Cruelty Society also has other unique ways to help the animals in our care.

Hold a Fundraiser

Are you interested in art? Music? Sports? No matter where your interests may lie, you can always use your passions to organize some kind of fundraising event on behalf of your furry friends here at The Anti-Cruelty Society. If you’re interested in hosting an event, click here for more information.

Donation Drives

Some past unique ideas have included: a towel, blanket or newspaper drive, collect new/unopened pet food and treats (see wish list below), raise funds with a lemonade stand, create and sell jewelry or other items to raise funds and request items for the animals in lieu of birthday gifts. Please contact us to discuss your ideas or if you would like more information. If you would like to set up an online fundraising page, click here to set up a page to ask your friends for donations.

Wish List

Do you want to make a wish come true for a cat or dog at The Anti-Cruelty Society? You can help us help more animals by bringing us items on our wish list. Please note that for the health and safety of the animals, we can only accept new and unused toys and fresh, unopened food. Contributions of items from our wish list can be dropped off at our customer service desk at:

510 N. LaSalle Street
Chicago, IL 60654

or mail the items to:
The Wish List
c/o The Anti-Cruelty Society
157 W. Grand Avenue
Chicago, IL 60654

Items can also be purchased from our Amazon Wish List.

Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Donations

Are you looking for a way to help animals from the comfort of your own home? Discover how you can support our four-legged friends through our series of Do-It-Yourself Donations. These craft tutorials will teach you how to create toys, blankets, and beds that are truly needed by the animals of The Anti-Cruelty Society. Easy-to-follow instructions make these items a hit for different group functions such as birthday parties or corporate events. Grab your friends and have fun creating these fun pet accessories!

Feel free to call ahead and see what our greatest needs are – but any and all DIY donations are greatly appreciated!

Vehicle Donations

Does your vehicle need a new home? Maybe you’ve purchased a new vehicle or your old one isn’t getting the use it deserves. Donate it to us! Through our nation-wide vehicle donation program, we can accept a variety of vehicles including: cars, trucks, motorcycles, recreational vehicles, airplanes, and boats. Even if the vehicle isn’t in working condition, it is still able to generate funds to help the animals, and you will receive a tax deduction. The process is simple: Provide us with information about the vehicle (make, model, vehicle identification number, and mileage), the title, and keys and we will arrange for pickup at your convenience. The funds received from your vehicle donation (with the exception of a small processing fee) will help us continue our life-saving work.

Click here to download our vehicle donation form.

For more information about vehicle donation, please contact the Development Office of The Anti-Cruelty Society by calling (312) 644-8338 ext. 8200 or emailing development@anticruelty.org. You can also  mail the completed donation form to the address at the bottom of this page.



Anticrueltystore.com, generously provided by Petango, enables users to shop for pet food, flea & tick control and heartworm prevention medicine, and a huge variety of pet-related products all while benefiting The Anti-Cruelty Society. With every order, a portions of the cost will go directly back to The Anti-Cruelty Society. Click here to visit www.anticrueltystore.com.


Make purchases through Amazon.com after visiting the link below. For every dollar spent at Amazon.com, we will receive a commission on the purchase! There are no additional costs to you, no logins, and no strings attached. Simply click here and off you go to Amazon.com where you can shop and raise funds! You can buy just about anything at Amazon and at great prices, including most things you already buy on a daily basis. Make sure to add the Fundinco link above to your favorites so that you can come back anytime you shop online and raise money.


Here’s a new easy way to raise money for The Anti-Cruelty Society. Start using GoodSearch.com as your search engine and online shopping mall. Every time you search the Internet or make an online purchase at one of their partner merchants, GoodSearch makes a donation to your favorite nonprofit and it’s powered by Yahoo! Click here to visit GoodSearch. Please note, you must enter “The Anti-Cruelty Society” the first time you shop.


Choose your favorite magazines and with every subscription you order, 40% will go directly back to The Anti-Cruelty Society. Click here to visit ReadGive and purchase a magazine subscription today!

More Ideas:

Create an Online Fundraising Page

Are you asking your friends and family for donations to The Anti-Cruelty Society in lieu of a birthday or wedding gifts? Are you raising money to support your run in the marathon or your participation in Bark in the Park? With our online fundraising site, it has never been easier to help more animals! You can set up your own personalized donation page to help you raise money and reach your goal. Share your page with friends and family via email, Facebook and Twitter, and watch the money roll in!

Click here to set up an online donation page.

Wedding Favors

Brides and grooms – give a favor that your guests will remember forever! When you make a gift in honor of your wedding guests, you can choose from card options to let your guests know you have given the best possible favor – saving lives and helping animals in need. Also, consider asking your guests to give a gift in your honor.

Donations in lieu of Gifts (showers, birthdays, graduations, etc.)

Give a favor that your guests will remember forever! When you make a gift in honor of your guests, you can choose from card options to let your guests know you have given the best possible favor—saving lives and helping animals in need. Also, consider asking your guests to give a gift in your honor.

For more information on Other Ways to Give to the Society, please contact:

The Anti-Cruelty Society
Development Office
157 W. Grand Avenue
Chicago, IL 60654
(312) 644-8338 ext. 8200


Thank you to our partners whose support makes our work possible