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Meet Blizzard

So, this cute teenage dog has caught your eye…great! Keep in mind that adolescent dogs…

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Meet Teresa

Teresa is a lovely girl who came to the shelter when her former owner had…

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Latest News & Articles

June 01,2016

The Anti-Cruelty Society Spring 2016 Magazine

We’re excited to share the latest issue of the Society magazine! Check out our Spring 2016 issue including articles…
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Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 10.13.36 AM
June 30,2016

Chicago Shelters’ Longest Tenants—And Why You Should Adopt Them

Meet nine animals who have been waiting at their shelters the longest. (Hint, hint.) Ready to pounce? If…
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Adopt a Shelter Cat
June 22,2016

Adopt a Shelter Cat Month

As if I didn’t need another reason to talk about why we cats are so great, I just…
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May 31,2016

Cat Pawsitive is Already Making an Impact at The Anti-Cruelty Society

When three of the cats who have been part of the Cat Pawsitive program have already been adopted, you know…
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May 27,2016

A Really Awesome Cat

It’s not me. Though I am a cat, so I'm already halfway there. Memorial Day is coming up this Monday,…
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May 19,2016

How to Greet a Dog

                      Since I live at The Anti-Cruelty Society as their official cat ambassador, I tend to make a lot…
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May 11,2016

"Cat Pawsitive" Energizes Everyone at The Anti-Cruelty Society

The Anti-Cruelty Society of Chicago has a long history of caring about the well-being of the community’s animals…
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April 28,2016

Working Through Pet Loss Support Group Hiatus

The Anti-Cruelty Society’s Working Through Pet Loss support group is on an indefinite hiatus while we seek a…
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Kids Who Care

The Anti-Cruelty Society’s Kids Who Care program offers families an opportunity to engage in our work while providing valuable education to kids and adults alike! Whether making a toy for a dog, reading a book to a cat, or preparing…

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Working Through Pet Loss

This open educational group is dedicated to working through the emotional rollercoaster that can occur when we lose a beloved pet. Whether it is sudden or long-time coming, the permanence of a pets death can take its toll on thoughts…

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