Foster Candidates

Thank you for visiting our foster candidates page! Below is a current list of pets who need rehabilitation through our foster care program.

If you are a licensed Society foster volunteer, and you’re interested in taking in one of these pets, please email us at If you are not a current member of the foster team, but you would like to get involved, please visit our Foster Program webpage for additional details on how you can help.


Updated: 11/17/17 1:14 p.m.


Age: 2 yrs

Reason for foster: U.R.I Treatment

Length of foster stay: 1-2 months

Not currently on medications Gracie needs to receive supportive care. Foster caretaker should keep an eye on symptoms and be prepared to contact our Clinic is symptoms worsen.

Midnight, Dusk, Eclipse, Twilight & Lunar

Age: mom-2yrs, babies(4 kittens) 24 days

Reason for foster: Maternal Support

Length of foster stay: 1 months

Considered a high risk because the babies are so itty bitty!



Age: 2 years old

Reason for foster: URI

Length of foster stay: 1 months

#12 came up here from Champaign, IL in September with a URI. He is still fighting his infection up in rehab, we have a hunch that some TLC in a home environment just might be what #12 needs to recover.


SAFE Animals for foster:


Age: 5y

Reason for foster: alleviate in-kennel stress (shelter break)

Length of stay: through 12/16


Age: 10 years old

Reason for foster: URI

Length of foster stay: 3-4 weeks

This poor senior kitty turned up sick on the surrenders’ porch. He is currently up in rehab but would much rather recover in a warm, loving home. Please consider giving this old man a break from the shelter.


Pending pick-up. Thanks, Alexa!

Blackie, Hermes, Parmenides & Heraclitus

Pending pickup. Thank you, Meg!

(Thanks Jacinta!)


Thanks Kristina!




Thank you to our partners whose support makes our work possible