Foster Candidates

Thank you for visiting our foster candidates page! Below is a current list of pets who need rehabilitation through our foster care program.

If you are a licensed Society foster volunteer, and you’re interested in taking in one of these pets, please email us at If you are not a current member of the foster team, but you would like to get involved, please visit our Foster Program webpage for additional details on how you can help.


Updated: 3/18/19 9:30 a.m.


Age: 2 years

Reason for foster: Alleviate in kennel stress

Length of stay: Adoption Ambassador

Copper has been adopted and returned several times-not because she isn’t a great dog! First she was transferred in from another shelter, then adopted and return due to the owner moving, then adopted and returned due to a death in the family and most recently adopted and returned due to her on leash reactivity. Poor girl-she needs some stability! She does have some specific requirements for a foster home: it would be best if she was the only animal in the household. An adult only home would be best due to the fact she can be jumpy and pawsy. Please consider fostering this girl and helping her find her forever forever home this time.


Age: 2 years old

Reason for foster: Behavior

Length of stay: 6-8 weeks

The myth, the man, the legend. Meet Chevis! This hunk of burning love is a lot of dog and personality rolled into one. He may look a bit like a brute – but don’t let those cropped ears fool you – this boy is quite the gent. Though he needs some work on loose leash walking and dog reactivity, he is a smart smart boy who is treat motivated, enjoys playing with toys, and loves a good massage and snuggle. Chevis is a long-termer here at the Society. He initially came in back in November when his original owners could no longer care for him. He came from a household with a small dog, cat, and young child – so we had high hopes that he’d get adopted right off the bat. Such was not the case as the stress of the shelter pushed Chevis into a sharp decline. Losing weight and sleep we sent Chevis out to foster so we could help him reboot and then go up for adoption.

While in foster we learned that Chevis is not as keen on other dogs as we thought. His first fosters found that he was very vocal and actively pulled towards dogs in their high rise – and not in a friendly way. Living in a dense downtown neighborhood, surrounded by other dogs, made things tricky for Chevis so he was brought back to the shelter for office fostering. He’s been doing great while in our care and we think he’s ready for a second chance at foster. We’re looking for a pet-free home in a residential neighborhood where Chevis and his fosters can retain a bit more control of meeting other dogs while on walks. Our Behavior team will be working closely with his foster to work on his reactivity with the goal of teaching him to remain composed while in the presence of other canines. A foster who is willing to actively work on addressing this issue is our goal. After some progress is observed we would like the foster to keep Chevis on as an Adoption Ambassador, which means he’ll be adoptable directly from the foster’s home. Quite the case! If you’re an all star foster who is up for the task, send us an email, and we can share additional details.


Age: 4 years old

Reason for foster: Alleviate shelter stress

Length of stay: Adoption Ambassador

Gino is a very sweet boy, but does have some handling sensitivity. He came to the shelter as a field service pick up back in October when his owner could no longer care for him. Initially he had ear sensitivity due to his ear infection, which has cleared up. He has been in and out of dog isolation for kennel cough since he has been here, he is now finishing a course of antibiotics to help treat his cough. He also had some sensitivity to being wrapped in a harness, so does best on a collar.

He can be a bit dog reactive, but has attended shelter dog class to work on being calm with other dogs in the room and did really well! The ideal foster home for Gino would be a home with no children in a low dog populated area.


Udon and Miso (Pending Pick up! Thanks, Stefanie!)

Phoenix (Pending pick-up! Thanks, Hope!)

Whinny and 5 babies (Pending pick-up! Thanks, Mikaela!)

Estrella (Thanks, Cathy!)

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