Junior Crafting Crew

If you’re looking for a one-day, on-site volunteer opportunity with the Society, consider signing your club or class up to become a Junior Crafting Crew!

Our Junior Crafting Crew sessions enable youth clubs or classes to help shelter animals in a practical way by crafting enrichment projects using common everyday materials. These finished items go a long way in making sure the critters remain happy, healthy, and comfortable while they’re in our care.

Your group’s visit will begin with an overview of The Anti-Cruelty Society, led by one of our Community Programs Specialists. Then, you will be given a quick overview of how to create your chosen enrichment items. An animal encounter will also be provided during the course of your visit. To conclude your experience, we’ll lead you on a behind-the-scenes tour of the Society where you’ll have an opportunity to see the work we do first-hand.

Scheduling a Session

Ready to schedule your Junior Crafting Crew? Click here to find out how.

Thank you to our partners whose support makes our work possible