Cat Wands

Cats love to stalk and hunt prey – even it’s it’s made of shiny plastics and paper! For this reason we’ve designed these easy to make wand toys to help engage the cats currently in our care. Using empty cat treat pouches, this simple tutorial will show you how to make a fun and practical toy that also smells a bit like treats.


  • Cardboard tube from dry-cleaner hanger
  • Empty cat treat pouch
  • Electrical tape
  • Scissors


To make the tassels:
1. Use scissors to remove the zip-lock portion and remaining three sides of the treat pouch.


2. Cut vertically, from the top of the pouch to the bottom, making thin strips.



To assemble the wand:
1. Unroll a long strip of electrical tape.


2. Attach the strips to the electrical tape, piece-by-piece, with the “inside” of the strips being the part that sticks to the tape.


3. Once all of the strips are attached to the tape, wrap the tape around one end of the cardboard hanger tube. Be sure to leave a few extra inches of tape that is not covered in strips, so that you can wrap it around the outside for extra security.


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