November 30,2017

Saying Goodbye to Breed Baggage


Each animal in the care of The Anti-Cruelty Society is special and, as animal welfare experts, we are committed to caring for all of them. But sometimes, everyone gets caught up in what the breed is rather than what the animal is like. The reality is that in a shelter environment, we do not always know the parentage of dogs and honestly, we believe that their behavior and the connection someone has or can establish with the dog is way more important.

SO, effective immediately, The Anti-Cruelty Society will not list the breed but rather focus on the behavior, as we feel this is the best indicator of success in meeting an adopter’s needs. Of course, what a dog looks like matters—large or small, smooth coats or rough, droop ears or erect. But it is their level of activity, training needs, and other behaviors that will likely define a successful match. If you still want to know the breed, we encourage you to consult your veterinarian or, for the most definitive answer, get a DNA test.

Each one of our dogs is an individual, and we no longer want to burden any of them with breed baggage that may not be accurate. The only thing we can be absolutely sure of is that they are all one of a kind.