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August 08,2017

Immunization Consideration

Boy, it sure is nice outside: The sun is shining, and the trees are rustling in the breeze as I lay in the air conditioning on my coziest bed. I’m trying to live it up right now, because later today…

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July 24,2017

Paint Your Pet

Join us as we partner with Bottle & Bottega Art Studios for our annual Paint Your Pet fundraiser on Sunday, August 27 from 1-4 p.m. Make sure to bring a photo of your beloved furry friend to paint, a friend…

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July 14,2017

Fire Safety for Pets

Napping is perhaps my favorite activity. And no sound is worse than when the fire truck’s siren wakes me up from a peaceful cat nap. With that in mind, this Saturday (7/15) is Pet Fire Safety Day! So I’m here as…

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July 10,2017

Happy Rescue-A-Rabbit Month!

Ah, summer. So far, the month of July has involved me laying around my office and relaxing – the perfect way to spend a summer day. The smell of the breeze, and basking in a pool of sunlight on the…

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June 30,2017

The Lenore Shapiro Adoption Garden

We are pleased to announce a very special addition to the Society—a tribute wall that was recently installed in our courtyard. Celebrate a furry friend or family member in the Society’s Lenore Shapiro Adoption Garden. Many of our friends throughout…

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June 26,2017

The Anti-Cruelty Society’s 2017 Canine Cruise

Thank you for joining us at our annual Canine Cruise event! We hope you and your pup enjoyed sailing around while enjoying scenic views of Chicago’s breathtaking skyline. Please check back soon for photos from the day and be sure…

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June 15,2017

The Anti-Cruelty Society Launches New Program to Help Senior Citizens Care for Their Pets

The Anti-Cruelty Society Partners with Chicago’s Department of Family and Support Services to Launch a New Senior Support Program: Friends Who Care
CHICAGO— The Anti-Cruelty Society recently began delivering pet care kits to senior pet owners currently enrolled in the…

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