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The Anti-Cruelty Society loves teachers! We work together with teachers to foster empathy and compassion, while inspiring the animal care professionals of the future. There are lots of ways that the Society can help teachers that are creating a community of caring.

Pet Visitation: A dog with Canine Good Citizen certification can visit your class to teach safety around animals or to just make everyone happy. Contact or (312) 644-8338 ext. 344 to schedule a visit.

Education Presentations: All offerings are available during a field trip to The Anti-Cruelty Society or we can send a Humane Education Specialist to you. From “Safety Around Animals” to “Animal Careers” and lots of fun in between, click here for a full list of our presentation offerings, to see which learning goals align, and to learn about options to “package” presentations to strengthen learning opportunities.

Check out our printable worksheets for kids:

Critters for Kindness: coloring book in English and Spanish 

All About Pet CareContains worksheets and activities to promote kindness and positive pet ownership.

All About Pet Safety Contains worksheets to promote safe animal handling, understanding animal body language, and bite prevention.

For the Love of Pets: Contains worksheets and activities to foster compassion in youth through caring for animals.

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