Development Council

The Anti-Cruelty Society Development Council is a diverse group of professionals who are committed to furthering the Society’s mission. The Council is dedicated to raising awareness and generating support for The Anti-Cruelty Society’s programmatic efforts, special events, outreach opportunities, and the services that the organization provides to the community.


For more information on becoming a member of The Anti-Cruelty Society Development Council please call (312) 645-8038 or










Development Council Members (as of April 1)

  • Steve Klein, Board of Directors liaison
  • Julie Marder, Chair

  • Leah Trinkala, Secretary

  • Justin Peurye-Hissong, Treasurer

  • Kelly Angelopoulos

  • Jordan Arand

  • Maya Bach

  • Monica Banasiuk

  • Elizabeth Bode

  • Alyssa Dalsky

  • Holly Dotterer

  • Neelie Fritz

  • Kristin Goodchild

  • Emily Greenberg

  • Marcella Hein

  • Lisa Johnson

  • Hana Lee

  • Kathleen Nieder

  • Laura Nikolovska

  • Andra O’Connell

  • Janet Paradiso

  • Scott Schpero

  • Davis Shah

  • Nathaniel Simon

  • Melissa Sullivan

  • Brian Thompson

  • Tamara Wasserman

  • Ron Zito


Thank you to our partners whose support makes our work possible