The Dr. Lester Fisher Veterinary Care Fund

Dr. Fisher is widely recognized as a pioneer in humane and comprehensive health care for all animals, large and small. He helped to establish the modern standards for veterinary medicine in zoos by carefully recording and compiling information from zoos around the country, and he also had a hand in developing the “squeeze cage,” which restrains large animals for examination with minimal stress. Throughout the course of his career, Dr. Fisher was actively involved in helping to pursue the mission of The Anti-Cruelty Society as an experienced advisor to our organization. In 1985, the Society elected him as an honorary board member.

The Dr. Lester Fisher Veterinary Care Fund was established to honor Dr. Fisher and all that he has done on behalf of animals. Your gift will go directly to help meet extraordinary medical needs of animals that are cared for by The Anti-Cruelty Society. While each animal that enters our facility automatically receives a full veterinary exam, spay/neuter, microchip, heartworm or feline leukemia test, food and water, and daily loving care, the funds from the Dr. Lester Fisher Veterinary Care Fund cover additional and sometimes extensive medical procedures such as dental care, repair of fractures, treatment of abused or neglected animals and much more.

Help us meet the extraordinary medical needs of our animals by donating today.
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