March 05,2018


It was shocking to see Timberly when he first arrived at The Anti-Cruelty Society. The mats were so intense they restricted him ability to move and he was clearly beyond uncomfortable. The Anti-Cruelty Society’s humane investigation team had been alerted to his situation, and from the moment he was rescued, his healing began.

Staff went to work shaving the hair from his face and back. The matting was so extensive, a professional groomer, who volunteers to help with situations just like this, was called in to finish removing the hair. After several hours, Timberly was freed from all of the hair—for a total of three pounds of matted mess. Once freed from the dense fur, he quickly began to show more of his personality and he has been warming up to the new staff and volunteers he meets. Timberly’s story was recently highlighted by the animal story website, The Dodo. Click here to read the story.