November 01,2018

Thanksgiving Day Tips for Your Pet

Pay attention to the food. Most of the hazards for pets related to Thanksgiving involve the delicious food we enjoy as humans.

Turkey is often stuffed and basted in fats to crisp the skin and make the meat moist which is not good for our furry friends.

Save the pie and desserts for your friends and family. Chocolate can be harmful as well as the artificial sweetener xylitol which is commonly found in sugar-free baked goods.

Yeast dough can cause painful gas and potentially dangerous bloating.

Keep the trash out of your pets reach. Turkey carcass can be deadly to the family pet and you’ll want to keep any other food scraps far away from your pets wondering nose.

Quick action can save lives. If you believe your pet has been poisoned or eaten something it shouldn’t have, call your veterinarian or local emergency clinic immediately. You can also call the ASPCA Poison Control Hotline at 888-426-4435. Signs of distress include: sudden changes in behavior, depression, pain, vomiting, or diarrhea.