August 31,2018

September is Happy Healthy Cat Month

These cat care tips will help keep your pet happy and healthy each and every day!

  • Provide entertainment for your cat. Toys to play with and human interaction are important for promoting exercise and socialization for your cat. It’s an easy way to show them you love them!
  • Keep your cats hang out spots clean. This includes perches, hiding places, scratching surfaces, and of course, the litter box. Clean the food and water bowls regularly. Clean resources are key to helping keep your cat’s stress level down.
  • Give your cat a balanced diet. Overweight cats are more susceptible to disease, including diabetes. Toys and regular exercise will help her burn calories and a balanced diet will help keep her from gaining weight. Age-appropriate food will also help keep their diet complete and balanced.
  • Clean your cat’s teeth. Regular oral care will help keep your cat’s mouth healthy and prevent dental disease.

There’s much to know about caring for your cat. You can learn more by visiting our website here:

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