Help is here! Safety Net Services for Pet Owners Expanded

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, another crisis is unfolding. Thousands of people across Chicago have lost their livelihoods and many are now in danger of losing their homes as the moratorium on evictions comes to an end. While the state has developed support through the Illinois Housing Development Authority’s Emergency Housing Assistance Programs, pet owners may still find themselves grappling for additional resources for their animal companions.

Committed to keeping pets and people together, The Anti-Cruelty Society has expanded its assistance to preserve families during this difficult time.

Current safety net programs offered by The Anti-Cruelty Society include:

Pop-up Pet Food Pantry: Distributes cat and dog food to Chicago neighborhoods on a monthly basis.  

Low-Income Clinic: Provides veterinary services and treatment for pets in households where the family income is below the poverty level.

Friends Who Care: Delivers food and pet care supplies directly to the homes of pet owners over the age of 65.

Short-term Accommodations for Emergencies (SAFE) Program: Provides 30 to 45 days of free boarding to qualified applicants to keep pets safe while their owners seek secure housing.

Behavior Helpline: Helps answer questions and provide solutions for all pet owners who may be experiencing behavior issues with their cat or dog. Through this free services, our behavior specialists offer assistance on challenges from separation distress to aggression.

Pet Deposit Subsidy Program: Provides a one-time financial subsidy for qualified Chicago pet owners who need help with move-in fees to secure pet-friendly housing.

In addition to developing the services above, The Anti-Cruelty Society has been working within the Chicagoland Lifesaving Coalition to compile a comprehensive resource guide for pet owners in need. Download the Pet Safety Net service guide.