• Woman in red shirt hands black and white dog to woman in red apron

Our Partnership with HSUS!

  • Woman in red shirt hands black and white dog to woman in red apron

In the past few months, HSUS has reached out to The Anti-Cruelty Society twice to help with animals who needed help from the Oklahoma floods and Hurricane Dorian. The Anti-Cruelty Society was here to help. Here is an excerpt from the Humane Society of the United States’ Shelter and Rescue Partner Newsletter, October, 2019.


Shelter and rescue partners are an integral part of our work here at the HSUS, and that is especially true in times of disaster. Our response work simply would not be the same without all of you—ready and willing to open your doors to pets in need. This month we are sending a special thank you to The Anti-Cruelty Society in Chicago!

For the second time this year, the Society welcomed a transport of over 100 pets from storm zones. The most recent transport was in response to Hurricane Dorian. The Society helped to clear space at Greenville Animal Care in South Carolina so that pets from coastal regions could quickly and easily be moved inland and out of harm’s way. This particular group of animals included many large breed dogs, pit bull-type dogs, heartworm-positive dogs and cats.

The team at The Anti-Cruelty Society welcomed the HSUS Animal Rescue Team rig, so excited and happy to help the pets after their long journey. A long line of staff, volunteers and fosters unloaded the pets, who were then seen by their veterinarian before heading off to their foster home or settling into their kennel.

We are always in awe of how incredible our partners are every single day, but you are truly special when disaster strikes. The Anti-Cruelty Society constantly demonstrates this commitment to helping pets in need, and we cannot thank them enough!


Thank YOU HSUS for your tireless work in caring for and protecting animals. We are proud to partner with you in these efforts.