• Woman in red shirt hands black and white dog to woman in red apron

Helping Animals from Areas Impacted by Hurricane Dorian

  • Woman in red shirt hands black and white dog to woman in red apron

Last week, The Anti-Cruelty Society received a phone call from the Humane Society of the US (HSUS) who was working with the Greenville County Animal Care in Myrtle Beach SC because Hurricane Dorian was on track to bring damaging winds, high storm surge, and even tornadoes. They needed to evacuate animals from the area and help get the animals out of harm’s way and to make room for animals that were inevitably going to be displaced from their families. The Anti-Cruelty Society answered the call.

On Thursday, September 5, 100 animals arrived via truck. HSUS organized for the transport and drove the animals to The Anti-Cruelty Society where they were warmly greeted by staff and volunteers. 

Animals that arrived from Greenville County Animal Care were in the shelter prior to the storm’s arrival. Taking in these animals in advance of the storm helps make room in their shelter for animals who will be displaced because of the storm. This allows for them to be reunited with families when they’re able to. 

One by one, the animals were taken off the truck, seen by a veterinarian, and either sent home with a foster family or placed in a kennel at the Society. Partner shelters Tree House Humane Society, Green County Humane Society, and Felines & Canines helped by taking dozens of the animals back to their shelters. 

Of the 100 animals, 70 remained under the umbrella care of The Anti-Cruelty Society and they will become available for adoption this week. Visit anticruelty.org/adopt to view all the animals available for adoption. Cats and dogs from South Carolina will have a special watermark on their photos to indicate they are Hurricane Dorian evacuees. 

Support The Anti-Cruelty Society’s hurricane relief efforts by making a donation! Visit anticruelty.org/help-dorian today.