Compassion in Action

  • White airplane in background with two men in red shirts carrying a dog crate

A chartered private plane arrived at the Chicago Executive Airport in Wheeling, with 93 cats and 72 dogs. These animals were in the Tulsa area shelters prior to a series of severe storms, and by opening up space in the Tulsa shelters, they are able to help animals separated from their owners in the wake of the storms.

The Anti-Cruelty Society coordinated the rescue efforts with HSUS and the Society reached out to local animal welfare organizations including Tree House Humane Society, Felines & Canines, Green County Humane Society, PAWS Chicago, and the Animal Care League to help the animals in need of care. The Anti-Cruelty Society took in 77 of these animals with many sent to foster homes later that day after seeing a veterinarian. They will become available for adoption in the coming days and weeks.

An effort like this one could not be done without help and support of so many. Beginning with interest from 180 to foster the animals to more than 100 staff and volunteers offering their time and expertise to help process the animals. We extend our thanks to Chicago Executive Airport and Signature Flight Support for providing access to the airport and gates. Special thanks to Fido to Go who providing treats for animals, water for humans and their assistance in transporting the animals back to The Anti-Cruelty Society.

As the animals return from foster care, they will be placed for adoption. Each animal will have a special note on their kennel identifying them as coming from Oklahoma. With an influx of dogs and cats, this is a perfect time to help us clear out shelters and consider providing a forever home to an animal in need. If you already have your forever animal, we can always use your financial support to help us care for these animals. Donations are greatly appreciated to cover medical costs, food and sheltering costs. Donations can be made at