• black and orange cat laying on pumpkin table cloth

The Anti-Cruelty Society’s Halloween Safety Tips for Pets and People

  • black and orange cat laying on pumpkin table cloth

The Anti-Cruelty Society’s Halloween Safety Tips for Pets and People
Make this Halloween all about treats! Keep your pet safe on Halloween

CHICAGO- Halloween can be a fun-filled event for humans and pets alike. However with the constant doorbell rings and surge of oddly-dressed strangers, it’s important to consider some safety precautions to keep your pets calm and protected. By keeping these tricks in mind, you’ll be sure to make this Halloween a real treat for both you and your pet.

  • Use Caution with Costumes

If your pet chooses to tolerate a costume, make sure that it is entirely pet-safe. Be certain the costume is made of non-toxic and non-flammable material and remove any chewable parts that may pose a choking hazard to your pet. Remember that pets can’t talk, so it’s important to keep an eye on their body language. If your pet is trying to bite at or remove the costume themselves, resolve the issue by removing the costume yourself.  

  • Keep the Human Treats out of Reach

To avoid the possibility of your pet getting into the candy, keep it up and out of your pets’ reach at all times. Many popular Halloween candies are toxic to pets. Chocolate can be extremely dangerous for your pet and should especially be kept out of reach. Sugar-free treats should also be avoided as they contain Xylitol, an artificial sweetener that is poisonous to pets. Stick to your pets’ own treats this Halloween; they’ll be just as happy. 

  • Harness the Halloween Hype

With trick-or-treaters ringing your doorbell by the minute, it’s easy for your furry friends to become a little uneasy and anxious. Consider the situation from their view- small strangers coming to the door dressed in costumes is unusual. To keep your pets from dashing for the door, place them in a quiet room with toys and a delicious stuffed Kong. If in any case your pet manages to slip out the door, make sure that they are microchipped and have an up-to-date ID tag so that they can be properly identified.

As responsible and loving pet-parents, we want to make our pets’ experiences as positive as possible. Be sure to remain calm throughout the night and remember to give your devoted companion all the extra love and attention they undoubtedly deserve.