December 29,2017

Keep Your Pet Safe This New Year’s Eve

The countdown to the New Year has begun, but before you break out the noisemakers and champagne, keep in mind these safety tips for your pet on New Year’s Eve.

Alcohol-Animals ingesting alcohol can lead to depression, unsteady walking, and in severe cases, a serious drop in blood pressure and body temperature. Be sure to keep the alcohol out of reach of your pets and remember to tighten the caps on all bottles that are sitting out and not to leave adult beverages unattended.

Loud noises-Fireworks are a popular New Year’s tradition at midnight. If your pet is afraid or gets anxious when there are loud noises, help ease his or her fears by keeping them in a quiet area of the home such as a basement, and play calming music to help soothe them. Monitor poppers and noisemakers as they may contain confetti and other small items that can be dangerous for your pet to ingest.

Secure your pet-If you plan to go out for the evening, make sure all the exits are secured and your pet can not escape, especially if they get upset by a loud noise. Keep any potentially dangerous items out of reach and make sure your pet is comfortable in your home. If people will be coming and going from your home, make sure your pet is in a secured area of the house and make sure doors are closed.

Cold weather-If you plan to ring in the New Year outside, keep your pets indoors while you do so. Fridge temperatures are expected and prolonged exposure to the cold can cause frostbite. With snow and more cold expected in the next few days, salt and other chemicals can irritate your pet’s paws and skin so try booties or gel to protect tender paws. Coats and sweaters can also help keep your pet warm while spending time outdoors.

Celebrate! Your pets love the attention so don’t forget to take some time to snuggle with your companion. You will get lots of love in return.

Enjoy a pet-friendly New Year!